Moving right along

Okay, okay. I stand corrected. So it’s a dishwasher and not a food processor or garbage disposal. It’s starting to sound like an opera singer. In any case, I’m tired of revisiting Thanksgiving leftovers every time I unload the "clean" dishes. Threw out the carcass this morning so whatever goes in that dishwasher now, it doesn’t involve turkey or stuffing.

Other things are broken around here, too. Curiously, there’s no hot water in the kitchen sink. Plenty of cold. Plenty of hot every where else in the house. This has been a sneak-up-on-me problem but things slowed from a trickle to a drip right when I had 35 # of peanut oil from that darn fried turkey to clean up.

So, I used the laundry tub. Where I got covered in enough lint to look like a Christmas flocked something or other. The dryer vent tube has a gaping hole. Since I was using pine scented cleaner it was sort of festive.

Rich is not what you would call handy. Extremely hard working. Romantic. Loves cats. But not handy, by his own choosing. He worked his way through college as a janitor and appliance repairman and he says he’s so over that it’s unbelievable. (The final straw was a repair trip to someones house where their refrigerator had seized up because 8 million cockroaches were living inside the works.)

So, now I get to be the janitor and handy person, or delegator, as the case may be. Which is pretty okay because it’s nice having another income in the house. After decades of living the liberated life of single mom, primary bread winner AND janitor- this is better. Even before that, I was Ms. Independent to the nth degree and beholden to no one except the National Defense Student Loan program, so I enjoy sharing the financial burdens. The least I can do is whack things with wrenches and then dial Dr. Handy at 1-800-WE- FXIT.

Today, the hot tub is being returned. After a short five years it just-um-exploded. Some major connection broke, all the water drained out and the foam insulation and wood frame got saturated. This is precisely the sort of problem where the repair guy has you over a barrel. The sort where you are slightly panicked at the bigness of the mess and you have no way to explore or understand the details of the problem yourself. I just stood there watching them haul it away on a flat bed thinking, "this is not going to be cheap…"  Did you ever have something that was in for repair and as much as you wanted it back you couldn’t afford to get it out of hock? Ya- the hot tub guy has been leaving cheerful, "Your spa is done! We would like to return it!" messages for about two weeks now.

Since it’s the first of the month, Rich is out of town on business and it snowed the last two days, I decided today was the day. That baby is coming home to mama. Tonight, after a trip out to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens for the annual members-only reception (they decorate the conservatory for the season; there are hundreds of exotic poinsettias, amaryllis and holiday plants and wine and cookies- oh, it’s such a treat for the senses!)- well, tonight, I’m coming home to 105 degrees of hot water and the night sky. If I’m lucky it will snow because there’s nothing better than sitting in hot hot water while it snows on your head. What are you up to this weekend?

(I went to the gardens and all the ladies were so busy shopping at the holiday gift shop that the conservatory was empty- and as beautiful as I imagined. I didn’t have my tripod so it was hard to get a good focus without a flash but, in this case, the blur just adds to the beauty, don’t you think?)M1

9 responses to “Moving right along

  1. So THAT’S where I went wrong. I was always hitting wenches with things, and now you tell me it’s hitting things with wenches. No wonder nothing ever gets fixed.

    (Beautiful picture, Al.)

  2. So THAT’S where I went wrong. I was always hitting wenches with things, and now you tell me it’s hitting things with wenches. No wonder nothing ever gets fixed.

    (Beautiful picture, Al.)

  3. The picture is gorgeous.
    One Christmas, the day my parents were to arrive, I came home for lunch to find my washing machine water in the kitchen. It was one of those seemingly annual Roto-rooter things. Have you noticed that things like this happen, either on weekends when it costs double to fix or actually on the holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas for me) when they charge triple?

    Good luck with the hot tub. I had an old 50″ cabinet model big screen TV up in the LOFT of my house. The repair men were really excited to haul that one down. Come to think of it the movers said “You want it where?!?” when I told them where to put it. I gave it away several years after that.

    Enjoy the snow. It is snowing in Virginia right now, just not here.

  4. The conservatory reception sounds like fun. I just got back from a Saturday morning field trip to the Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian. My plan is: a little yard work, a little bill-paying, and a date with my husband.

  5. I am nagging Alison to work on and finish two school projects, plus nagging my husband to take down the Christmas boxes–and shouldn’t he bring home a tree pretty soon? Do you see the theme here? My husband is extremely handy, but doesn’t worry too much about things not working until it’s a major issue. By that time, I am crying and frustrated and it’s just ugly.

  6. I can be handy but to get it out of me requires craven bribery and thrall. There I don’t go gladly.

    Beautiful pictures of what must have been an incredible vacation from the ice and snow. We need something similar here in Colorado.

  7. Beautiful photo, Vicki. Poinsettias remind me of my grandmother, who loved them, and could make them last from one year to the next, and “bloom” more than once.

    I am decompressing from a full day spent at one of the training sessions required for licensing as a foster parent. (We’re aiming for a foster-to-adopt placement.) I could write a post in your comments about the irony that some people who are ill-equipped to raise children can produce them so easily, while some of us who can’t have biological kids, but have the emotional and financial wherewithal to parent (I hope fairly well), must sit through hours and hours of poorly structured, poorly taught, largely uninformative classes in order to become licensed to have a child placed in our homes. Perhaps I should take it back to my blog. First, though, I think I’ll attempt a little more self-soothing via my blogroll… better than head-banging any day.

  8. Good luck with the hot tub and I hope you were able to get into it tonight. How long does it take it to heat up after being filled?

  9. you know, I visit the botanical gardens a lot but I don’t think I’ve ever been inside the greenhouse. That is beautiful! I usually just walk around outside and tromp through all the trails. I hope you did get to enjoy the hot tub because I’m jealous!

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