Christmas Love

I met Rich in April a few years ago. By the time that first Christmas rolled around, we knew we were serious. And yet. People do Christmas gifts in different ways and they don’t always mesh, so I was a bit nervous about how to proceed. Some guys buy appliances or jewelry or bad lingerie and some buy Hickory Farms Smoked Sausage. I didn’t want any part of that stuff. How to give and receive gifts the first year that were appropriate, not too much, not a disappointment- that was the dilemma. I vaguely suggested we be moderate but thoughtful and I gave Rich the first of many handknit items, a winter membership at the indoor driving range and a book. This is what Rich gave me and Abby, together. (Rich only goes by Rich or Richard. When Abby first met Rich it was during the summer out at Wit’s End. Her approach to this new man in her mother’s life was cautious and slightly challenging. He asked her if she wanted to shoot some hoop and she responded, "Okay, Dick, show me what you’ve got." Hence, the cover.) This Christmas gift cemented things and in February he asked me to marry him and that June we were married. (click to enlarge). And speaking of love, Sophie came from the Humane Society of Huron Valley on 9/10/2001. She was a sick little 5 week old kitten and we spent our first week together, with her curled into a snuffy, listless ball on my lap, while I watched buildings topple, people die and heroes rise. Now she is a beautiful young cat with the most handsome suitor: Mr. Rhett. Together, they are at Friday’s Ark and Carnival of the Cats this week.


13 responses to “Christmas Love

  1. Vicki, you must never, never, never, never, never let this man go. The absolute purrfect gift to capture both your heart and Abby’s.

    And Sophie, such a sweet young thing. As a responsible mom I should tell her that Rhett is the “older man”; he and his sister were rescued about 10 years ago as kittens whose mother died when they were just 5 weeks old….too little. He is a “Babe Magnet” but just for human females, he only has cat eyes for Sophie. He loves to take pictures. When I took this I got about five or six other poses from him at the same time.

  2. Friday Ark #63

    We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? We will add you…

  3. I’ll be damned if this didn’t make me all teary. What a sweet guy. 🙂

  4. OH MAN! I’m at work, and don’t have time to read this post 3 more times and then tell you how much I love your husband. I’ll be back later.

  5. Oh my God.

    I am tearing up.

    I have that quiver in my throat.

    That simply melted me. I have no words to even describe what an amazing gift that is, much less what a awesome guy you have.

    Oh my God.

  6. OH! And MR. RHETT – is GORGEOUS. He looks just like my Q, and I mean exactly. Q has many brothers, sisters, and cousins around the country. For all anybody knows, they may be related!

  7. Sweet post. But we get pics of the cats and not the guy? 🙂

  8. that was just so sweet. Yes vicki, I think you made the right choice of keeping this man. When are we going to see each other again???

  9. I already knew a few things about this guy, but far from everything, obviously. For instance, I didn’t know he was Carl Sandburg and Walt Whitman and Thoreau in earlier lives.

    And “Ally”. Hoo boy. “Al and Ally.”

  10. How original and wonderful. I like Abby’s little dig about Dick though. We had a very lousy and tall superintendent named Richard, and we called him “The Big Dick.”

  11. A beautiful Christmas story and, as usual, well-told.

  12. Well, this just PROVES that he’s smart.

    And wise, and sweet, and all that other good stuff.

  13. Well, this made me cry, Vicki, but in a very good way. I needed some sweetness and light this evening. Thanks to you and Rich.

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