Monday- Back to Work!

Grayslugs_2It’s not all about you, you know. It’s about ALL creatures, great AND small. Apparently slug sex was just too- what? No takers on that one. Your loss.
(But see? Life is full of second chances!).

Moving right along, I knew a guy who kissed liked this once. (I only gave him one chance) It was so obnoxious- but that was back in high school. My sex ed teacher warned us you could pregnant this way. Little did she know, surrounded by all her little pink Kimberly Clark pamphlets.

I just finished reading State of Fear by Michael Crichton. He had fallen off my list of good airplane reads with some of the formula stuff he was cranking out but this book was riveting. Not because it was all that well written- it’s still very much an airplane read on one level. But the theme is the environment and how it’s going to Hell in a hand basket (still) but he raises the question “Do we really fully understand why?” and are we so busy bandying around labels like “Greenhouse Effect” that we don’t take the time to look at hard science, history and facts? Environmentalism has become a Cause Celeb backed and funded by know-nothings in this book; he debunks so much of what you thought you understood. There are fully 50 pages of documentation and citations and today I’m going to begin tracking some of those down. I read enough reviews to know that he got legitimate science worked up and there’s a fair amount of controversy about the book. I certainly wouldn’t be looking to this author for real answers but the book did make me think: I need to be better informed. For example, the Snarl tells me it’s not all about the carbon dioxide in the air but rather it’s all about the soil. She then goes on to patiently explain that to me. As usual, she’s out learning me, fast.

Here’s something worth reading this holiday season. It’s not about fact, it’s about a spiritual responsibility that even an old curmudgeon from Bend, Oregon would get behind. I just know it. Especially if you leave out all the God and Bible parts, which is only about half of it.

Yesterday marked the first Sunday in Advent, the beginning of the liturgical year in Christianity. It is the season of Anticipation and Hope that just proceeds Christmas and the Season of Gardening Catalogs. We observe some rituals around here and one of them is lighting one of the four blue candles each Sunday of Advent prior to Christmas. Purple used to be the color of Advent back when the rituals were determined by royalty; now that color is saved to symbolize
suffering during Lent. Blue? I like it. It’s the night sky with the star in the East, it’s the water that gives us life.

Faith is not always easy for me, especially delivered up in sermons for me to swallow whole. So, I cheat to a certain degree, by working it to fit something I can relate to- in this case, my responsibility to care for Creation in a way befitting the Anticipation and Hope that we share during this dark and gloomy season. And because I often have that Midwest German thing going I suspect this involves some work effort on my part as opposed to sitting around and waiting for it to fall out of the sky as an unsolicited gift. (Bonnie cringes. Yes, I believe we do also get incredible Gifts, completely unsolicited.) The very least I can do is educate myself a little, yes?

Tomorrow’s post will be easier, more fun- maybe. Actually, I thought the slug sex was fun. I mean, wouldn’t that be weird, having your genitalia come out of your ear?

14 responses to “Monday- Back to Work!

  1. Are you really up posting this early, or did you do this ahead of time? You are posting like a madwoman while everyone else is still recovering from Thanksgiving. I don’t think you are cheating at all by nurturing your faith in the venue that works for you. When I go to church I have a tendancy to stick my fingers in my ears and go, “LALALALA – I can’t HEAR you.” But I can contemplate the possibility of a God when I am in the mountains or the desert or in the presence of inspiring people. (Sigh. Still missing Bonnie.) I have finally just accepted that faith does not come easily to me. My priest friend says that this is ok, and that I can work on it in any way that makes sense to me.

  2. Genitalia coming out of your ear? Yikes! I certainly suppose you could hear them comming… As to faith, for me faith is experiential. If I do this, this happens. I know, for example, that if I can just pay attention to my intuition, life gets better fast. I also know that if I ignore it too long, I get hit upside the head with a 2X4 until I pay attention. What did happen to Bonnie?


  3. Slugs in pictures sitting on lettuce are fine. Slimy slugs slithering (say that five times fast) up my storm door glass on the other hand is just plain yuck. Michael Chrichton wrote “Coma” didn’t he? That one made me want to stay out of the hospital basement.

    Yes, isn’t it grand how fast the girls are learning more than we do. Nyssa informed me that the cloud formations overhead were of a certain type and became furious with a TV weatherman calling the front going through a “nor’easter”.

    I found this quote the other day and it really took a different approach to the concept of faith and creation.
    “Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts, and no one to thank.” ~ Christina Rossetti

  4. Old Curmudgeons from Bend, Ore., find lots of merit in what the Evangelical Lutherans got to say, as you predicted we would. I especially liked their notation that women should have more to say about population growth.

    One or two caveati: I will continue to stomp fire ants and kudzu, but will leave the snow leopards alone.

    Also, the part about humans getting to name things: We have bollixed this. For instance you show a picture of a slug, but it’s not the kind you can use in a parking meter.

  5. Well, you know, I always enjoyed the sermons of my priest and certain visiting speakers but never really took it outside of the hallowed halls, so I don’t think you’re cheating at all :).

    I remember the candle lighting! I think we stuck to the purple thing (but then we still have the Queen on our money :cringe:).

    Bonnie. *sigh*

    I did not click on the slug link. I’m about to get dinner ready!

  6. I did a book report on Michael Crichton’s “Travels.” (Got paid $100 for that too) He prattled on about how much he admired the psychics of London. I wouldn’t trust him too much with science. He is better suited to fiction.

  7. I haven’t been able to read Crichton for a while since getting a hold of a couple of very poorly written books by him. I will have to give him another try. So, you have a porno slug on your site? Oooh la la.

  8. Actually, it’s more about the methane than it is about the carbon dioxide. Huge amounts of it are bubbling out of the thawing permafrost of russia…

    Has Belle On Her Toes been hacked? There’s something about porn on her website now…

  9. The answer to that, Michelle is, sadly, yes. Really really ticks me off. Get the site off your blogroll. Bonnie stays on in spirit.

  10. The answer to that, Michelle is, sadly, yes. Really really ticks me off. Get the site off your blogroll. Bonnie stays on in spirit.

  11. faith is something so intensely(sometimes excruciatingly) a personal journey that for one of us to judge anyone else’s would be the worst kind of sin. (i don’t say that LOUDLY here is jerusalem, but i believe it.)

  12. man, ya leave for a few days and you come back to slug sex?! maybe I should stay away til finals are over. šŸ˜‰

  13. Slug sex? That has me pegged… especially now that I’m in the 2nd stage of this first gawdawful cold of the season.

    No energy to flip open the windows on my advent calendar.

  14. I hadn’t really thought about the penance aspect of purple, hm. Our advent wreath this year is a bowl of water and four floaty-candles whose colors were not actually chosen by me, and yes, one of them is purple. Well, we’ll save that one for the Advent after Firstborn’s birthday. We’ll probably have done something regrettable by then.

  15. please email me so I can invite you to the bloggercon site.

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