Thanksgiving Week- so it begins.

Life is moving into high gear around here but with seasonal and circumstantial doldrums rolling through the blog neighborhood, I am determined to make you grateful, thankful and happy as clams at high tide. That is my goal for this week- so even though I am swamped with miserable people in my office, turkeys, family and 35# of peanut oil- I will be working to spread goodwill around the place. So try to cooperate.

YES, THERE IS A FREE LUNCH! Well, it’s not exactly lunch but it’s FREE. And as beautiful as any in the world. Can you guess where it is? Answer tomorrow. No- answer now. Then I’ll answer tomorrow.Beach_1


Helpful Advice:

The Center for Disease Control has released a list of symptoms of bird
flu. If you experience the following, please seek medical treatment

1. High fever

2. Congestion

3. Nausea

4. Fatigue

5. Aching in the joints

6. An irresistible urge to crap on someone’s windshield.
LightsFinally, as long as I’m posting blurry photos, here is the picture of the 3-dimensional Christmas polar bear on the lawn of our Florida house. His head wags back and forth. In the front window you can see our 29.99 fake Christmas tree from Walmarts- the one with the dead lizard on top. We’re going all out. How about you? I would love to see your Christmas lights, the tackier the better. In fact, let’s have a contest. Post a picture of your holiday decor (8 ft blue Menorahs are fine, too), leave a link and we can vote. I’ll send the winner Rich’s dead lizard, spray painted gold.

5 responses to “Thanksgiving Week- so it begins.

  1. Do you actually have the lights and decor up already? I spent the day with a crew decorating one of our country clubs for Christmas and it seems almost sacreligions to do it before Thanksgiving. I may post photos of my tree later on, but it will probably not be before Dec. 20th.

  2. Judy- I heard a rumor at Vitamin Sea (Laura) that in Florida you’re not even supposed to take them down- so we’ve been running woefully late. This is all tongue in cheek. I agree with you- the lights don’t go up around here until mid-December at the earliest. And we always have a live tree. And we never top it with a dead lizard. We did put them up in Florida last week but they’re on a timer and Abby won’t start them up for us until much closer to Christmas. I AM looking forwad to a picture of your tree!

  3. Because of all the critters, we have an artificial one. All my ornaments are in storage still so we use theirs. Mom ordered some new candles to put in the windows and our one remaining goose will sport his red ribbon in the front flower bed. No lights will go up until the day after Thanksgiving. I have a yen for potica bread….hmmm…..maybe I’ll make some Wednesday.

    Let me guess. The beach is probably in St. Petersburg and not Hawaii since you have just been down there.:)

  4. I’m fairly new to your site. I so want to participate in this contest – but help, help me Rhonda – i haven’t even opened the attic door yet – so it will be a while yet.

    I do look forward to a closeup pic of your tree with all the lights, etc. Where did you get that polar bear?

  5. Okay. I’m all caught up, b**g-wise. Thanks, V.

    Loved your piece about the Snarl. Maybe she can be the U.S.’s first woman president, rather than what’s on the menu.

    Did you know that I am sipping 21-year-old Scotch, and you’re not?

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