Thursday Challenge: PATTERN

Porch2This beautiful tile pattern is my St. Petersburg neighbor’s front porch. It originates
with the house, built in 1925. Isn’t it so fine? Jordon, my neighbor,
built the porch swing. I’ve seen several houses down here with these
hand tiled porches with no particular rhyme or reason to the shapes;
they also seem to fit together perfectly in the end. But I have to say,
Jordon’s color is the best I’ve seen.

These are the bricks in our street, also from the 1920’s The whole
neighborhood consists of true Arts and Craft Bungalows and there is a
lot of pride in maintaining the ambience of the times. When streets
have pops, city ordinance requires that pavers are replaced with pavers
and the hex block sidewalks are replaced with hex blocks. I think there
must have been a nice rhythm and pattern to life around here in the
1920’s and 30’s.
(Submitted to Thursday Challenge: Pattern)

4 responses to “Thursday Challenge: PATTERN

  1. I have never seen this type of porch before. It is really beautiful. You’re right about the colors. How did you get that light to shine on the street.

    Glad you are having a good time in Florida. So, Christmas will be there this year? I wondered how your mom was doing with the snow moving in last night and today.

    I just had a fan changed in this computer but the strange sound is still there. I’ll get a short e-mail off in a minute.

    Enjoy the warm.

  2. That is utterly exquisite tile work. Just love it, I do !!

  3. Gorgeous! And you win… flower pots, swing, bricks, tile–patterns gone wild.

  4. Wow. Incredible!!!

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