Is It Too Late for A Weeknd Update?

My intentions were good and then I had a lot to do to get out of the house and down here to Florida to see my baby, the Snarl, Abby. That’s where we are now. (I noticed a new comment from "The Snarl" to an older post. Out of the blue the child reads my blog and adds a note without ever mentioning it. And she obviously didn’t read the whole post.)

Anyway, the weekend was at Wit’s End, spent a in final burst of late season glory. I phoned home this morning to hear that Michigan is  having wet, cold, windy weather but I have to say, it’s quite pleasant here. Here are some pictures, in no particular order. A sunset, the geese over the lake, and the view from our little front room out onto the lake. I’ve said before that things grow for me, pretty much anywhere, with benign neglect. I’m not sure how this happens but at the cottage all the plant potted plants that get ignored outside all summer come in and get ignored all winter inside. As you can see, they fill the place. They thrive on a thermostat set at 45, a bi-monthly watering and enormous amounts of warm hot sun bouncing off the lake and shining in through the windows.

On the way home we stopped at the Dexter Cider Mill which is still hydraulically powered by the Huron River. I took a picture of the water wheel and in the background you can see the canvas covered layers of apples under the press.

Finally, I added a picture of my Schlumbergera bridgesii (ya, it’s a Christmas cactus on a screwed up calendar.) I’ve had this guy since he was a sprig from a friend and he summers outside and then comes in just as the days are getting shorter, sets hundreds of buds and bursts into bloom. All pictures, click to enlarge.Orchid

Last night we took Abby to dinner and then went off to buy tacky Christmas decorations for her little pool house and our little bungalow. The 3 dimensional moving polar bear may be a bit over the top, but, afterall- this is our first Florida Christmas and we wanted to go all out. Laura, at Vitamin Sea, noted the other day that her neighbor was already putting up decorations. Well, so are we. This is the last time we’re down for a few weeks and we want the neighbors to be able to enjoy this head shaking bear for the WHOLE holiday season. More pictures tomorrow.


8 responses to “Is It Too Late for A Weeknd Update?

  1. My Christmas cactus does the same thing…’s a Thanksgiving cactus 😉

  2. My Christmas cactus does the same thing…’s a Thanksgiving cactus 😉

  3. Beautiful photos – my favorite being the cidermill.

    Never to late for a weekend update if it includes tidbits like these.

  4. Good stuff, Al. Glad you getting to see Abby now and then. Bad news about Bonnie, though. I know she was/is good pal of yours. But now who do we have to make fun of?

  5. You’re back. Will e-mail soon. Trying to get a fan replaced in my computer. No luck yet. I love the sunset picture but would almost kill (I said almost) for some cider at this moment. The front is trying to come through tonight and temps here are around 77 right now. It is supposed to be 49 for a high tomorrow. Therefore my sinuses which are always bad have become worse and my head feels like a huge pumpkin right now.

    I will so miss Bonnie’s pictures and prose. Who else is there to keep us on a cultured path?

    Does TD have the “almost end of semester” doldrums? Nyssa complains that her head feels like mush. It may be the sinus problem like I have. She goes to Texas next Tuesday. Then will be out for Christmas on the 16th.

    I hope I can survive college.

  6. I love the first picture, of the birds flying off the lake. Gorgeous. Good to hear you got to spend more time with Abby. Can’t wait to see the polar bear.

  7. Glad you FINALLY updated. After Bonnie’s bombshell I’m feeling a little nervous. God, I’ll miss her. What an extraordinary woman.

  8. Not knowing the meaning behind “the Snarl” I nevertheless have taken it into the lexicon. Yesterday, My College Girl called. lost on a field trip to a museum in Oak Ridge, three other girls with her – none of whom have a car, experience driving in Oak Ridge (the Secret City), or a sense of direction – yelling for help. I asked, simply, “where are you now?”, to which she *snarled* “I don’t know, thats why I’m calling!!!” What do you think snarl-squared would be, because thats how she answered my next (dumb) question.

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