I need me some monkeys.

2005_participant_trans_1I fear signing on for NaNoWriMo will have the same effect on me as pot. Remember when I wrote about the two times I got high and became completely mute for 36 hours, some inane giggling aside? Uh-huh.

And then I had that very bad experience with coffee the other day, so I know caffeine will be of no help. Everything I typed that day came up Hawaiian- no consonants. Ahahaniakala. Hulaniapoli. Crap like that. They make a point in the rules of saying you can write crap; in fact, it’s pretty much expected. But I don’t think I can even think of 1667 crappy words a day for 30 days. Especially now that I’ve committed myself. Hoss offered up 500 words from Feelgood Haines but that won’t get me past noon tomorrow.

Jane is over at her place waxing eloquent on her love of the finer points of language, such as punctuation and grammar. I noticed she signed on for this nonsense, too, so I’m hoping she will at least be one of my writing buddies. Then she can let me know if four ellipses count as two words. Because I may not have enough words but I always have plenty of ellipses and I really know how to misuse them. Which reminds me. Typepad has noted a “deterioration of service” that, in my case, renders my spell check inoperable. From here on, all typos are approved. Raehan has two small children and her school work; she’s planning to write this novel in November. I’m further dumbstruck.

This all makes me think about that old saw regarding a hundred monkeys typing for a hundred years and coming up with Moby Dick. Or something. And that makes me think of a little Grace D phraseology.

You know when this novel writing plan will come to fruition? ¡Cuando monos vuelven de mi culo!

5 responses to “I need me some monkeys.

  1. I’m glad you’re in. I don’t know how the hell I”m going to do it, either, but it just sounds like fun insanity.

  2. Yes, I am signed up as well. I could just type Colby’s conversations about class at the dinner table and have my daily wordage. LOL It is Nov. 1 and I have no idea yet what to write!

  3. Congratulations! Have fun! I did it last year. Too many competing deadlines this year, but I will cheer you along!

  4. I tried that a couple years ago, but since my attention span rivals a fruit fly’s, I only lasted about a week before I completely lost interest. 🙂

  5. Your Spanish phrase is above my level of expertise – so translate, please?!

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