BORING…You guys are SO BORING…I am SO BORING. My theory is that Bonnie wisely escaped in the nick of time, just before some sort of insidious Fall lethargy spread it’s pores across the b**g community. It’s probably being transmitted by way of cookies. Maybe Halloween candy that Jane and Lu and half the rest of us are consuming while waiting for little trick or treaters.

Even Halloween isn’t what it used to be. I was chatting with a couple of blog buddies on Yahoo last night while Michigan whooped whoever and remembering when I was a wee one. My father- an unusually stern person- would make a hundred hard red candy apples and a hundred popcorn balls, wrap them all in cellophane and give them out. He would go to the orchard and hand pick those apples and for the popcorn balls he used only the very best white hulllllless (right past spell check) popcorn. Our house was hugely popular.

This year I’m thinking of cleaning out the medicine cabinet and giving out old expired prescription drugs for Halloween. I have some Zocor since I’ve been switched to Vitorin (that’s the one you get when your cholestrol is from fat Aunt Mabel and no matter how much you watch your diet, do yoga and keep your blood pressure low you have lipid values in the stratosphere). I have some old Synthroid- take care of all the bug-eyed fraternity kids who knock on my door at 11:30 pm wearing a Spartan shirt and claiming to be disguised as a Michigan State fan. And! I found some birth control pills that expired a decade ago.

My brother-in-law, who wears flannel nightgowns, sent me this picture. Brothers_1It’s Halloween scary. This was taken sometime in the early 70s when Rich and the brothers (yes, four in five years) were ALL attending Concordia Lutheran College.
Bill is the brother-in-law who is now serving, at age 56, in Iraq. (Hey Bill! We love you and pray for your safety every single day.) Lest you think there’s a link between hair length and military service Calvin was in Vietnam and Jon in Panama. Now they only wish they could grow hair like that and the politcal leanings are thoughtfully liberal. For the most part.

I do have some news to share. With pictures. Good stuff. I’ll post it tomorrow but first I just want to see if anyone is alive out there. Maybe it’s me and I have cooties or something but it’s strangely quiet…Even Hoss is missing in action, other than the usual butt crack humor at his place, which I refuse to comment on today.

Here’s a little inducement. I’ve been busy knitting hats because idle hands are the devil’s playmates or workshop or something. And I know for a fact that I have 4 regular lurkers on other continents. You want a hat? I’ll knit you a hat- fine AUSTRALIAN wool from New South Wales (hint,hint). Just come clean with a hello. That’s it- my latest comment scam- hats for delurking.

The thing is- if things don’t perk up around here I might be compelled to give up blogging in lieu of writing a 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo. Sans spell check. Beginning on All Saint’s Day. I’m already registered. I have my title. "The Night Buckminster Fuller Came to Dinner." That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Sigh.

12 responses to “Zzzzzzz…

  1. Ok – I’ll delurk for you NOW. (No, not for the hat. 1. you know where to find me. 2. I dislike myself in hats. Save it for people FAR AWAY) Yes, I read you a lot – those degrees of separation I wonder if they’re far enough? anyway – happy Sunday. me.

  2. Well, I’m still here. Early, early this morning I tried to leave a note but it said that TypePad or something was down for comments. That may be part of it. Of course the time changed. I hate the fall back. Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra hour to sleep although I usually just use that up on Saturday night so forget the extra sleep. I hate the fact that it will be dark by five.

    Anyway, I saw the note about the quote you were looking for. LOL. It is at the very bottom of each page of my blog site. Sorry.
    Here it is: Having a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. – Elizabeth Stone
    This is actually the full quote. It was too long to fit on my little space so I paraphrased it.
    Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

    I love the picture of the four brothers. I remember those hair styles, if you can call them styles. Our parents thought the guys hair would just get longer and longer. I have seen a few aging “hippies” who still wear the ponytail even while balding on top. Now that is just very silly looking.

  3. oh My GOD! Bucky comes to dinner? Will Margaret Mead be on board? Will it take place in a dome?

    This makes me deliriously happy, Vicki. You simply don’t know. Or, maybe you do.


  4. Hey, I can give you 500 words for your novel from Feelgood Haines. I bet he knows everything there is to know about bucky and his balls.

  5. I am so very boring indeed. We spent the early afternoon pruning the trees in the front yard and mulching around the side yard. After a quick supper I am eying the clock waiting impatiently for bedtime. 20 years ago I could survive on 2 hours sleep and work double shifts and do it again three or four days in a row. Now? Ha! It is a pipe dream to stay awake after 10 or 11.

  6. Boring? I give and give to you people!

  7. Hi, Carolyn!

    Roxanne- thank you for the quote! I needed it- the reason will become clear soon. That picture is too much, isn’t it?

    Yes, Grace, there will be a dome. But in the 4th chapter it will burn down…

    500 words from Feelgood Haines will definitely help, Hoss. I’m thinking I’ll still be lingering over my title at Thanksgiving.

    Angie- Today, of all days, you were anything but boring!

    And dear Mary- it was the coffee speaking. When you’re as wired as I am everything except your heart rate is boring. I apologize. You are never dull. More zany pictures of Josh please.

  8. I agree–weekend in Blogsville is the pits. I can only post decent posts on the weekend and not many are around to read them. I am thinking of giving out our Odwalla bars if we run out of real candy. Those things are disgusting and taste like a vitamin. Blech.

  9. Michelle- Hello! Yes- learn to knit little creatures! Your post reminded me of another one I was going to put up. We could have a little online knitting lesson and everyone can do hats! Would you like a hat for de-lurking? 🙂

  10. Spartan-bashing and birth control pills in the same paragraph?! GRRRR…I tried to sit on my hands, but you knew I’d have to comment.

    ‘Twas grand hearing your voice the other morning. I’m working on my yoga mat proposal.

    Luker cool ruled Lutheran school!

    Will toothpicks and marshmallows be involved in your novel?

    Happy Reformation! {{{hugs}}}

  11. Ummmmmm I want a hat! But I am allergic to wool. *sniffle* Got any, I dunno, fine Australian… acrylic? 😉

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