What are the odds?

Hmm- about 1 in 365. But what I want to know is how did this lucky lady manage to have her birthday when she gains an hour while I lost six?  Kenju, I hope all 25 of them are the best hours ever.

I love your web**g because it is eclectic, funny, easy-going, entertaining, informative, thoughtful and visually pleasing. And I love the Judy who shines through in each post.Last_rose

And so- for you- today I took a picture of this last Fairy Rose of summer with just the first specks of hard frost. And a fun little audioblog by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Happy Birthday all day tomorrow and here’s wishing you many more. As they say- Spring forward and Fall back! Good advice at any age. The rest of you- go give that girl a birthday spank!

2 responses to “What are the odds?

  1. That is a beautiful birthday gift!

  2. Thank goodness for you. I’m so out of it in life sometimes, I had totally forgotten it was that time of the year again. I gained and hour, I gained an hour! Woohoo!

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