Friday Odds and Odds

Thank you. All those comments made me anxiously self-conscious.And I brought it on myself. So while I analyze that, please don’t say anything else nice for at least a month. Except Lu, who is so totally stream of consciousness I just laugh and laugh. Lu was standing behind the door when they were handing out editors. Lucky for her she got everything else.
Here’s a little news item from Livonia, MI that I saw on the telly. You know how we all love and worship Walmart? Well, those nuts in Livonia are saying "not in my backyard." At last night’s zoning board meeting there was lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth in protest. Here was my favorite sound bite: "There gonna be way too much noise! Too many trucks coming and going! And if all those shoppers ain’t bad enough they want to put a detention pond back there!"
I am, however, one of the fortunate people who live, not in Livonia, but in Ann Arbor. This is the best town in the whole darn State of Michigan according to every single poll ever taken. And you know that counts for about nothing. Especially if you check out  Ann Arbor is

If only it weren’t for the students, life here would be perfect. Jim Fuller of Michigan Commercial Realty, unhappy with some tenants’ alleged propensity for flouting recycling regulations, tells the News, “There’s just a general attitude of indifference on the part of these University of Michigan students…A lot of kids come here, poop all over Ann Arbor for four years, and then they leave.”  Really, most of them are now on the five year plan. Get with the times, Jim.

Those of us poopers who stayed on read The Ann Arbor Snooze (Trusty Getto links to it on his blog!) to find out what’s really happening in the big world outside. Just an aside: all the really good journalists are fleeing to Mars. Here are two recent newsworthy items:

At least the purse snatchers in A2 have the grace to feel a little existential angst about depriving you of your property.  “[T]he man approached [the victim] from behind and grabbed her purse,” reports the News police log.  “The woman said the man didn’t say a word, but had a sad look on his face.”
Ann Arbor man says stolen bonsai was ‘like a friend’
October  20, 2005
ANN ARBOR — For 14 years, Dennis Quenneville has carefully pruned, watered and shaped the Chinese juniper bonsai tree that he bought in Japan.

But Sunday, when he returned from an out-of-town trip, he found holes where the tree had stood along with three other bonsai  in the side yard of his Ann Arbor home.

The tree, he said, was special to him because he has cared for it so long. "It becomes like a friend after all that time," he said.

Quenneville, a mechanical engineer for Visteon Corp. and a master gardener, reported the theft to police, who so far have been unable to find the plant or the thieves.

He suspects that the theft was "an alcohol-fueled event." The crooks, he said, likely didn’t know what they were taking because they also stole a tomato plant.

Chinese juniper bonsai need constant care, requiring hours of pruning and careful watering to keep them alive. The plants can’t live in a heated house and can’t handle winter weather if left in the ground, said Quenneville, a longtime member of the Ann Arbor Bonsai Club. He normally keeps his in the garage during the cold season.

Quenneville said he’d be glad to see the bonsai back in place in his yard.

"They can keep the tomato plant," he said. "I just wish I’d get the bonsai back."

That’s right; we don’t have drunken vandalism here, we have alcohol-fueled events. Futhermore, Quenneville has a typical Ann Arbor Liberal attitude about sharing the wealth. He’s perfectly willing to let go of his tomato plant now that it’s all rotty with frost. Anyway, none of this would have happened if he hadn’t left Ann Arbor for the weekend.
I have a friendly reader who stops by from time to time with very nice comments.
Catinka and I have a six degrees by professional relationship thing going. She’s very very creative and because I’m someone who greatly appreciates art but can only draw turkeys by tracing my hand I always like to see what’s new at her place. Right now she has something especially nice for Raehan and what’s-her-face out there in Seattle. Check it out  .
I miss Bonnie. That’s not a request, appeal or guilty plea. Because we all have to tend to our own pumpkin patches. I’m just saying. Hi.

9 responses to “Friday Odds and Odds

  1. Don’t forget the folks in Saline who don’t want Walmart in their backyard. My favorite story about that was the woman who wore a No Walmart button while she shopped at Sam’s Club. Ha.

    Welcome back Vicki.

  2. If bonsai can’t live in a heated house or survive a cold winter in the ground…then what on earth do you do with them in winter?

    I will probably try to do an update on Mom tomorrow. She is home, and the physical therapist comes MWF at 8 AM. She does her exercises the other days. I would really like to get her out on Monday night to her Bible study, she is really missing all her friends there. We will probably still have to get a wheel chair for this. She is walking pretty well with her walker and her swelling is starting to go down. Her diabetes seems to be back in control but I’m having trouble getting her blood pressure stabilized. I’ve checked the pain meds and this shouldn’t be a problem. Right now, I’m at a loss but if I can’t adjust things in a day or two, I will be getting her to either the nephrologist or her cardiologist. The main concern with the BP is her kidney function.

    Looking back on this, maybe I don’t have to.

  3. I guess someone at the gardening club really wanted his tree.

    I see the good and the bad with Walmart. At the rate they are growing they can’t float forever, that kind of business has potential to implode. I read some financial thing that said they can’t support their own framework for much longer.

  4. I love the word-for-word police reports in small town newspapers. I saw one once in Oregon: “XXXX reported someone tried to get in through her bathroom window. She said it looked like an alien. Checked, no alien found.”

  5. I love the word-for-word police reports in small town newspapers. I saw one once in Oregon: “XXXX reported someone tried to get in through her bathroom window. She said it looked like an alien. Checked, no alien found.”

  6. There’s always that attitiude in most college towns, isn’t there? They either love us poor students or hate our guts.

    I miss Bonnie too! My sigh may be lightly tinged with “plea” though. It’s the kid in me.

  7. That poor man. I feel his pain…I really do. How have you been Vicki? Long time no stopping by on my part. Alas I really have become a true bad penny.

  8. I miss Bonnie too. I miss her a lot. I hope she’s ok.

  9. I echo the missing of Bonnie. She’s a very insightful and important woman–and not just to her family! Alcohol-fueled is a very nice way to say drunken. It makes it sound like a new kind of car.

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