A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words?

Today I found this over at Gene’s : My favorite phrase today is gone native. Adj., the wild thing. Def.:  Carefully hanging up the $45 Hawaiian shirt you bought on your Maui vacation and never wearing it again.
I took this as a sign from Big Ernie that I should show some evidence of life but I’m still on Maui time which means, by rights, I’m entitled to sleep indefinitely rather than return to work, meal prep and blogging.
While on Maui I posted a fair number of pictures- sort of an eclectic group of photos, few of which really captured the beauty and wonder of the place. Satava1_1There are no underwater photos and that’s where fully 2/3s of what’s beautiful exists. When I am under there looking at the breadth and depth of life that we rarely even consider, let alone see, I’m always sort of stunned. Stunned at these gifts and stunned by our lack of care or concern for them. For those who don’t snorkle or dive I urge you to go HERE and take the tour of the Maui Ocean Center which includes a wonderful sight and sound experience you’ll want to watch and share. See those moon jellies? They are some of my favorites. In recognition of that, Rich gave me this spectacular piece of blown glass, a moon jelly by Richard Satava, as a birthday gift:

I spent the bulk of my birthday sleeping the red eye home. I also got shorted 6 hours through the wonder of time zones. This is patently unfair since I need all the hours I can get now that I am most definitely more than halfway through this lifetime. The other thing that is patently unfair around here is that I take all the pictures. Granted, I take enough for 5 people, but this means that we have essentially no pictures of guess who? Does this happen at your house? We have pictures of kids and pets and flower beds and vacation pictures and many great spontaneous ones of Rich. Once a year- yes, one time a year- I try to get him excited about taking a picture of yours truly. He says he will but then he doesn’t. SunsetAnd then, when it’s starting to feel as gratifying as asking someone to tell you they like you, I nudge him some more and he finally will take a picture. And it always sucks. The reason it sucks is because it’s not spontaneous, I’m not particularily photogenic and what he really wants to do is take a picture of a sunset. He has, oh, about 4,000 pictures of sunsets stored on his hard drive. Maybe 6 bad pictures of me. So I have to pose for many many long minutes in front of the sunset until the sun is just so. He always moves me over a few feet so I don’t block the great view. Here is this year’s great sunset picture- minus me.
I’ve decided it’s not worth being pissy about the picture problem because Rich is fine in most other regards. Also, when I turned 50, which was just a year or so before I met Rich I decided to take my own picture of myself- in my birthday suit.55
That 50th year I was wearing a crown of autumn leaves and it wasn’t too shabby if I do say so myself. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing I did sending it around to members of BCMA but hey,
wild thing! Since then, in 5 short years, this body has gone somewhat south but I still did it, I guess as a measure of the passage of time. It’s floating around here somewhere. I’m not dumb enough to post that on my blog; in lieu of that here is my birthday self portrait for year 55. Some scars from basal cell, I’ve got that jowly neck thing going, some thickening around the middle and that rogue eyebrow over the blind eye-what’s up with that?  But- it’s me. No plastic, nothing fake.

Two more photos. Dinner with friends at Mama’s Fish House. Yes, Judy, I had the wonton wrapped shrimp with macadamia nut and red pepper sauce. I also had a fresh Maui tomato and onion salad and a cerviche of lobster and fresh sweet peppers. Mamasfh
The last photo is for Hoss. In an earlier comment he expressed disappointment that there wasn’t a picture of the nearly naked woman who leis every athlete who runs across the finish line. Here she is with the very last runner to finish the 2005 Xterra World Championship Triathlon. This is Bobby McMullen, with his guide, who swam the ocean, biked up and down the volcano and ran the lava fields without benefit of sight. And yes, Hoss, because he is blind it was perfectly pc for him to cop a feel. Too bad she has hardly any meat on those bones.Leied

15 responses to “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words?

  1. Why I don’t see anything heading south. You look beautiful.

    And who’s copping a feel? I’m afraid the young woman with the hula flowers and no tummy is stealing the scene in that photo.

    Happy 55! I’ll bet that 50th self-portrait was lovely.

  2. Happy Birthday! You tell Rich that his picture of the sunset would have been infinitely more beautiful if you had been in it.
    I don’t know if you should let Hoss see that lei girl or not. It might shorten his lifespan.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Vicki, you are beautiful. I’m right behind you, baby. 48 in February. I’m going to start whipping my body into shape now so I can take that naked picture when I turn 50.

  4. Gee, Al, it’s almost a shame to have you back, because you were making such neat reports. I sorta like the lei lady. I am strongly in favor of epidermis.

    And, listen everybody who gets here: I have held this lady in my arms, and she is small, pretty, and smells good. Her husband is husky, handsome and I can’t remember the rest. Oh, firm handshake.

  5. Vicki, you are beautiful outside and inside! My birthday is Sunday and I don’t have ANY recent photo I’d be willing to share on the blog….LOL. I thank the Pilot for getting you home safely, and I amxiously await the photos you will share. Can’t keep paradise all to yourself, you know!

  6. I hate the red eye; in spite of that, I hope that the time around your birthday was wonderful. You LOOK great! We are our own worst critics I think. In the picture at dinner, I would have put you at 30. (No joke!)

  7. You look great, V. I LOVE the naked self-portrait photo idea. Wow. You are a bold chick. Happy, happy.

  8. Photos are gorgeous! You look comfortable in all settings, V. Guess that means you are comfortable in your skin, eh?

  9. Photos are gorgeous! You look comfortable in all settings, V. Guess that means you are comfortable in your skin, eh?

  10. The pictures in this post were breathtaking – including the one of You, Your Ownself. Vicki, you are a Stone Fox, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. “I’m not particularily photogenic,” my ass.

  11. OOOOooo. I think I forgot all month to wish you Happy Birthday. Too late now, I suppose. So, Happy New Year.

  12. Oh, what the hell.

    I’ve already confessed my pretty-darn-close-if-only-you-had-the-cash-and-prizes-below-bordering-on-lesbian fantasy of you many, many times. And lord knows you have the emails to prove it, but I just can’t pass up another opportunity to sing it from the rooftops:

    I’ve seen more than one photo of you and in each and every one you are positively glowing. You are one of those rare finds….lovely inside and out.

    As always, thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos–what an awesome birthday gift. You did good, Rich!

  13. Vicki! You are gorgeous! I see nothing going south! Wow! I can’t comment on anything else because I forgot what I read when I got to the photo of you.

  14. Are you kidding?? You look AWESOME! I know many who are in the 40s that couldnt hold a candle to you! And they have fake parts! You have a nice trim waste line, no wrinkles, beautiful face, tight arms – We all can see where Abby gets her good looks! We are always so hard on ourselves, but believe me, you look fantastic and Rich is a lucky man!

    Happy Birthday Friend!!

  15. My goodness, Vicki, you *are* gorgeous! And you don’t look a day over 25! I suspect that you haven’t been telling us the truth on this blog… you’re really Abby’s older sister… right?

    Happy belated birthday!

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