No big thing…

Yes. I am here in paradise on Maui. It’s 7 am. This incredible Xterra World Championship Triathlon starts in 1 hour and I’ll provide detailed coverage and photos for you today. These amazing athletes will swim in the ocean, bike up Mt. Haleakala and run across lava fields. The CBS helicopter has arrived. I’m going down momentarily to start taking photos. We have these VIP badges that get us around nooks and crannies and up to the start and finish lines. The view is spectacular. As Hoss noted in his comment, nothing here is done in a small way.

Would you like to know where my heart is? It is in Detroit where it is 50 degrees and drizzling. Daniel just finished his very first marathon- the Detroit Free Press-  in four hours. My son. The one I stayed up with nights and rocked, wondering where life with a misshapen aortic valve would take him. That heart has taken him to the North Sea Jazz Festival at 15, through U-M’s jazz studies program and to some of the greatest music venues in the nation. Today it took him across the finish line. Over the Ambassador Bridge, through downtown Windsor, back through the tunnel, all over Detroit and Belle Isle and across the finish line. His bib number was 7212. His time doesn’t qualify him for the NYC but this is just his first year. Something he did by himself and in a very small-ish, unremarkable  way. I just spoke to him. He said don’t laugh when I see his finish line photo because he’s just wearing a junky tee-shirt and bad shorts. As though I would laugh. He has no idea. I’ve been weepy since dawn- Detroit time.

3 responses to “No big thing…

  1. Yeah for Dan!!!!!!
    Isn’t it like us to worry and worry over our children; what they are doing, their health, their choices? My hand is raised, I do it all the time.
    And yet the child makes it, survives, even flourishes. Each obstacle they overcome builds self-confidence. Who am I to take that learning experience away from them?
    We’re not going to quit worrying but along with it I’ve decided to let myself know that I’ve done a GREAT job raising this “bundle of contradicitons”. You did a GREAT job with two of them! So just take a little pat on the back, weep a little and go watch some sweaty men for us.
    I will get back to my Benedryl. (goldenrod is killing me)

  2. Congrats to Dan. He is no quitter or excuse maker, that’s for sure. I admire people like him who go for what they believe they can do. I’m too cautious! (or too old?)

  3. Hurrah for Daniel!! That is so totally awesome! 🙂 I’m completely impressed.

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