What if we were serious?

There are a lot of SERIOUS athletes around here. Tomorrow is the big day. Everything is Xterra everywhere we look. Tonight, instead of luau, there will be a carb loading dinner for 550 people under our balcony. Although there is a large outdoor staging area for the bikes, to a one the participants keep them with them so every elevator is awkwardly stuffed with 3 or 4 riders and their cycles. I guess at 6,000. a pop I’d keep an eye on mine, too.

The golf outing was a big hit, per usual. You can never really tell who wins because they give out the prizes on a very arbitrary basis- the worst team, the slowest team, the best team, the all Japanese team. Rich was in charge of the longest drive contest and they ended up splitting the prize between the shortest drive at 7’4" and the one woman who played.

Today is a day off before race activities tomorrow. It’s 9am here and we’ve already been out to Molokini snorkeling where the visibility and variety was heavenly. Now we’re going to wash the salt off and head around the short rough road to Hana rather than the usual long route (hey! It’s a rental car!). Tonight will be dinner at my most favorite place to eat in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Here are a few pictures- Rich teeing off in the longest drive contest, flowers for Judy and one of the interesting things we see from our balcony…RichteesoffFlowersFiredancer

7 responses to “What if we were serious?

  1. I’ve just finished drooling over all of your beautiful photos. What a great job you’re doing with that camera! I’m so glad you’re having such a great time. Your dinner sounds divine….mmmmmmm…have a Tahitian Poisson Cru for me 😉

  2. Drooling over the photos and the menu, the fish, the flowers, the scenery….I must, must, must figure out how to get there at least once in my life.

  3. Vicki, thanks so much for the photos! Ginger, several types of heliconia, heliconia, areca palm fronds….lovely. Someday I’ll post photos of my last tropical party. Put this to shame, if I do say so.

    When you go eat tonight, please have one of everything in the appetizer menu (except the head lettuce), especially the shrimp wontons!!

  4. Goodness. What a divinely muscled young man. Why is he wearing a mini-skirt?

  5. Very lovely photos! I’m glad it is blue skies and 70 here or I would really be jealous. I am ready to return to Hawaii; there is just something about that place that calms my soul.

  6. Love the fire guy. Carb load away, V. It’s your birth weekend!

  7. It appears nothing is done in a small way, except for stray kittens. Thnx for the pix, Al.

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