Oh No! Pu Pu!

Tonight is the opening reception night for the sponsors, organizers and event coordinators for the Xterra Triathlon here on Maui.
That means it’s Pu-Pu night. Aka, food on a stick night.  This is the night when everybody gets semi-dressed up, stands around out by the ocean and drinks mai-tais and eats pu-pu. Personally, I don’t get this fascination with food on a stick and I pretty much avoid it because my bowels are still in petrified forest mode after the long flight. Pu-Pus do not help this problem. (Actually, not unlike the cats who just cease all pet behavior when the suitcases come out, my bowels say, that’s it, she’s going more than 25 miles from home and we quit.) Anyway- there’s so much GOOD food on this island- fresh fresh fresh fish and fruit- why eat pu-pu?

The resort is gearing up for this event and it’s exciting to watch. The athletes are here and in training. This morning a lot of them were down at the registration desk and gear shop set up next to the koi pond. There they have a huge aerial photograph of the route with the swim portion in yellow, the run in red and the bike in blue. It’s the bike portion that has everybody groaning, heading straight up the volcano with check points like "Devil’s Ridge" and "Crash Lane." Even athletes who ran the Ironman last Sunday on the big island stand in awe of this trail ride- a few of them are stupid motivated enough to do them both and the fastest combined time wins a car. Which is also parked next to the koi pond.

Right at this moment they’re setting up the bike leg staging area right in line with our balcony view. I see good photos in my future as the swimmers race across the beach and run to their bikes and shoes and take off again.

So this is the life: lounging, eating, reading, napping and watching others exert themselves. I’ll do ocean front yoga tomorrow but this morning’s pilates class was some wild parody of Denise Austin, who is a parody all by herself. The instructor was screaming, "Let’s go! Let’s go! Lift those sit bones! Let’s go!" like Barbie the drill sergeant and this bore no resemblance to the calm core strengthening discipline I practice back home with Carolyne at the helm. We signed up for the 6am snorkel/dive trip Saturday morning and while Rich does his 2 hour bit that finances this trip tomorrow morning I’ll get a massage. Yawn. Feed some more birds.
Meanwhile, back home one child is getting ready to run a marathon and I’m worried about his heart. All I could think to do is get him some new running gear. The other is sitting in the path of Wilma. I spoke with her long enough to suggest that whatever else, she not get in her 20 year old breaking down Miata alone to try any sort of evacuation move and I spoke with my neighbor down there who lives next door to her and he said he had his eye on her and would make sure she’s safe and he would round her up as necessary. I thought I would slip in a query as to whether the Putz was visiting and he said, "Waaal, ah really don’t know…I haven’t been noticing anything…" He’s such a diplomat. This is why both Abby and I love Jordon, our Florida neighbor.

I also went over to see Laura at Vitamin Sea because I figured she would have the local Wilma update and I’m reassured by her analysis. And her lovely post about her pond, her goldfish and the egret makes me think this photo that I took this morning is dedicated to her. This guy seems to be considering his dinner options- the problem is, they are all bigger than he is.Fish

8 responses to “Oh No! Pu Pu!

  1. Sounds so wonderful. I’m here via Patriside. Long story why I’m so late, but I’m the one who wrote the Jacob Poems. I wanted to thank you for your kind comments. 23 years later, it still means alot to have him acknowledged.

  2. Oh, that is a beautiful picture! Looks like a very peaceful setting, Vicky. I am really enjoying your photographs as well!

    Now about Wilma, my gut feeling says she probably won’t be a threat to Tampa Bay. My inlaws in Miami haven’t even boarded up, they’re playing the “wait and see” game also.
    It’s not that we’re ignorant, of course, but rather that we’ve seen enough of these storms to know when to move and know when to move quickly. Abby is more than welcome to stay with us if the storm does move further north and into our area! She should not stay by herself if it does come to town. I’ll be happy to go pick her up if need be!

    But in the meantime, (I hope i’m not eating my words tomorrow night)I think it will head south of the Keys as a measly Cat 3 or less. We’ll just watch it carefully from this end.

    I don’t know what time it is in Maui, but keep that camera clicking for those of us who can’t be there! :)))

  3. Now that I think about it….
    it could head across the state through Venice and the Port Charlotte area too. Those poor folks had to go through Charlie and they certainly don’t need Wilma as well. But,that’s still a long ways away from Miss Abby. :))

  4. Vicki, this is the funniest damn post I have read in ages! I do remember those mai-tai nights by the ocean; warm breezes blowing, omnipresent drinks on trays with orchids and little paper umbrellas, so inviting. I drank four in rapid succession (“How could they be lethal? They taste sooooo good!”) wtih no pu-pus or other hors d’oeuvres. By the time the 4th one hit my stomach, my feet were numb and I felt as if I was walking on my knees (probably was). We went to dinner with about 16 people from the company, and I fell asleep at the table (sitting up, with hands supporting head). When it was time to leave, my husband had to literally hold me up and drag me out of there. I was so embarrassed the next day. I have only been potted about 3 times in my life and 2 of them were with the same group! Hope you fare better than I (at least in the drinks dept.) and have a wonderful time. Get a massage for me, please?

  5. Beautiful photos and my bowels on a trip are also very uncooperative. (NOT fun) Did you wave at me as you flew over Seattle? I’m about 40 minutes away on a good traffic day.

  6. I would love to check out the active volcano, the black volcanic beach, take photos of the steam as the lava meets the sea. Men in swimsuits with muscles and bicycles is ok, but you’ve already got your dream guy and the rest of us aren’t there so….take lots of scenery shots for me. I’m really being good, haven’t given in to the envy today, well not for more than five minutes.

    We brought Mom home from the nursing rehab today. Tomorrow she starts home rehab for three weeks and I plan on getting her to her Bible study on Monday night. She has missed it so. I think she’s doing pretty well.

  7. Gorgeous photos.

    Thank you for taking us with you.

  8. Gorgeous photos.

    Thank you for taking us with you.

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