Silence is purple

I say the very things that make the greatest Stir
An’ the most interestin’ things, are things that did n’t occur.

  Sam Walter Foss

It must all be happening at someone else’s zoo. We’re quietly content around here. But things are simmering. Rita in Florida, home of Ms. Turtle Dreams. Rich and Oregon. A trip to the Bud and Jan Show this weekend. Thursday furniture. (and what will you have for show and tell, dear Roxanne ?)

Clever Sam Foss ( a man of very few words) had this to say, as well:

There are purple grapes in the Land of Git-Thare.

Competition_1Sje_1First, you git yourself a Finnish Juice Extractor, aka a Mehu Maija. Good luck with that. And then you get into a stand off with Rocky Raccoon over the grapes. Good luck with that, too.Mash Then you put it all together.Grapes There were so many grapes I had to weight down the lid.Weight Then you  simmer it on low heat for hours and hours and hours. In between you cut to the chase and make Fall red and black raspberry jam. After those grapes have been reduced to almost nothing you get aromatic clear juice and mash; you give the mash back to the grudgingly grateful raccoon. Then you do a couple more things and finally you Git Thare.  (click to enlarge)Jam_1

12 responses to “Silence is purple

  1. that jam looks delicious. I wish I was as talented as you Vicki.

  2. Once I painstaking harvested a raft of grapes (coven of grapes? pod of grapes?), boiled them down, extracted the juice, and canned 4 quarts for later production into jam. Three days later my wife dumped the jars because she thought it was last year’s juice. This is why somebody is rolling in money by making labels.

    You certainly are a busy bee. And I am happy to see you are observing Raccoon Week.

  3. You ust helped me remember…I had a dream the other night that I took in a little kitten who eventually turned into a savage racoon. Huh.

  4. Don’t you just love those Wecks canning jars! And I must repeat, you are a very neat canner. The last time I made jam (raspberry) I had rasp-flecks everywhere. I’m intrigued by that juice extractor–I used a food mill.

  5. Yummy! What talent–prize-winning writer and jam-maker!

  6. You’d make someone a good wife; wanna’ be mine?

  7. got a lot of energy! That looks scrumptious. Congrats on winning B4B. Your story was amazing.

  8. You have certainly been busy. Mom & Dad have a fig tree and this year the figs decided to ripen all at the same time. We have figs coming out our ears. Peeled raw figs, fig cake and my dad tried to make a fig jello salad. Store for future reference…jello does not jell if fresh figs are added. They did find a recipe for pickled figs, kinda like pickled peaches. It is a long process with boiling for 10 minutes times three days before putting in the jars. I leave all this to them. My excuse..the kitchen is too small (in more ways than one) for three strong-willed people. I’m still not sure about figs yet but I sure do like grape jam/jelly. Alas, no grapes in this yard.

    As to the show and tell, I haven’t decided which furniture item I will try to capture. Do cat beds count?

  9. Ode on a Finnish Urn:

    The grapes and coon
    Are such a boon–
    To capture such flora and fauna!

    After slaving over
    That fine Finnish juicer
    You really should jump in a sauna!

  10. I used to make sour cherry jam and strawberry jam with my mom when I was young, your pics took me back to those wonderful days 🙂

  11. Amazing pictures! You and my Ashley would get along great in this canning passion.

  12. How much for the jam?

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