This Bud’s For You

I know- it’s starting to sound like one big public service announcement around here. Today, in memory of Sept. 11, 2001 and in honor of those who gave so much then and now with Katrina, I’m doing three things:

I’m going to stop by the Red Cross office and answer phones for a while.

I’m going to read what others have to say as they remember and reflect on these difficult times. Michele, Mamacita, Sig,Carl and Alfred and Chris are places to start; they all have thought and feeling provoking posts today.

Donationcan_smI’m going to be thankful that so many people believe, as James advises us, that their faith goes hand in hand with works; that one does not truly exist without the other. And I think I’ll drink a toast to all those individuals, churches and corporations who have and are giving of themselves. It will probably be a Budweiser product. We like them both because we personally know good people who work there and because, as a company, they do good works. Anheuser- Busch gave over 8 million dollars in aid during 9-11 and today, with Katrina, they continue to hand out almost a million cans of life-saving water.

4 responses to “This Bud’s For You

  1. They’d probably be willing to give away beer, too, except they’d get criticized for it. Damn prudes are everywhere.

  2. I like seeing the good works that many companies are doing. That is a cute can and a lifesaver! Go, Bud!

  3. Wow. And I was writing about a spend-the-night party. Actually, I’m not so good at facing these particular memories. But I’ll visit your blogger buddies and experience it anew through their eyes.

  4. I thought it was fascinating to read a lot of people’s personal memories from 9/11. I couldn’t imagine NOT posting about it that day, although some bloggers didn’t mention it at all. Wee-yud if you ask me. 😉

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