Bits and Pieces


A people is but the attempt of many
To rise to the completer life of one;
And those who live as models for the mass
Are singly of more value than they all.
                                        Robert Browning

Bonnie is a friend I’ve made here in the blog neighborhood (we even had the pleasure of sharing lunch at the Red Cedar Grill in the town of her childhood, which is located dangerously close to that veterinary school in East Lansing). She is also a woman I look up to and admire.  While I sometimes wait restlessly for my faith to settle down, Bonnie seems to have found her heart right where it needs to be in that regard. And whenever I stop by her place I am the better for it. Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Not-Nothing-at-All: her recent writing speaks to us, each and everyone.
This morning I received notice that I am in line to head south and try to be of some service. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW), my professional organization, has teamed with the American Red Cross to provide emergency response and relief workers along the gulf coast where Kristina has laid us low.

So now I may get a chance to do something meaningful in the middle of this mess and that would be great. At one point today I was actually smiling to myself at the prospect of playing Candy Land and talking with some little person. I would specifically be doing mental health work with children and adolescents. This would be much better than to be one of those 1500 volunteer firemen who got put to work tacking fliers on victim’s doors with the telephone number of FEMA- even though no one had phones.

Over the past week I’m again reminded of the gifts that come from hanging out in this neighborhood. Everywhere I turn weblogs have lists and posts and ideas and concrete ways that people can behave with charity and give with open hands and hearts. And everywhere I turn life goes on and my best friends make me laugh and sigh and long for the days when I had a little sweaty head to snuffle at bedtime.
No amount of news or tomatoes or work here in the office has kept Abby more than an hour from my mind. I miss my child! She is doing very well and calls often to chat but I guess I’m not ready to write about her yet. Whenever I think about doing that I just go blank and start sighing.
I do have a really good tale to tell- it’s practically shooting out my fingertips and it’s hysterically funny in a tragically comic sort of way. I just need to figure out how to sneak it in here so it goes essentially unnoticed by certain folk. Maybe tomorrow…

Oh! Here’s a NEWS FLASH for the ladies of BCMA (Book Club My Ass):Cats_playing_poker__71_x_47

Now that Toni and Bob have moved to Napa, CA. we need a replacement couple for the Poker Party Subcommittee. They will be a hard act to follow since Toni was a really bad poker player and consistently failed to observe poker protocol by playing out of turn, looking at Bob’s cards and helping herself to his chips on the grounds that they were "marital assets." Bob, for his part, did that inscrutable Japanese routine which was only a cover for never knowing whose turn it was. He also managed to play for two years without ever anteing up at the beginning of each hand. And, most importantly, they brought really good junk food to every game.

Audrey and I discussed this at dinner tonight and we decided the only fair thing to do is hold auditions. And we’ll decide who wins. Really, to be truthful, we’ve already decided who the winning couple will be. Both of them work for a major airline and have funny airplane stories, they both knit- we like knitters- and they could each bring little bottles as their contribution. One of them has the initials QQ (this is really true) and we think it’s about time he showed his face. Susie and Ted are the first alternates, which means they can come, too. Oh, heck, you can all come; we’ll get a web cam going. The season opener will be September 17 unless I’m tripping the light fantastic in the Astrodome. RSVP.

12 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. Please promise that, if you go south to help, you write about it often! I would love to have a skill that is needed there…I’ll settle for helping out here at home.

  2. I have to think about all this, except for the poker game. Do the web cam, by all means!!

  3. Maybe you will meet up with my friend Dr. Deb Wells. She may be headed for the coast of MS. I haven’t heard from anyone in Columbus yet. She may actually be needed there with the influx of people moved north. Godspeed.

  4. I admire you so much for heading down to help; what a great, but scary opportunity. I am feeling your pain as Ashley gets ready to leave. She said to me today that she can’t wait to get to college; she’s just marking time here. It hurt my feelings a lot, but I understand.

  5. I think I may have heard that tragic, funny story– do you want to park it on my blog?

  6. Vicki – what a wonderful way to be able to contribute to the relief effort. I know you will do great things down there.

  7. Wow, V. I so admire your work and your willingness to pick up and go where you are needed.

    Please keep us updated, if possible.

  8. Thank you for your kind words, Vicki. You “walk the talk” and will certainly be a blessing and benefit to whomever you help!

    Alas, since you insist on continuing to refer to the greatest university in Michigan as a veterinary college I can’t help but inquire further regarding your pipples. Hoss keeps nothing secret, you know…

  9. I’ll bite, who’s QQ? Queequeg??
    I think that if you have an opportunity to go south it will help fill some mighty big holes in your heart right now.. Love, P.

  10. Hugs to you from me since I missed out on the goodbye hug in Grand Marais (yeah – I realize it was over a month ago but now is a good time as you are missing TD)… You rock hardcore for being able to help out by going south and doing good work with the kids… You’re a hero! Hubby and I would be lousy with poker and fit in too, but it’d be a bit of a drive. *sigh* I’d bring kicka$$ snacks, though.

  11. Vicki, it is wonderful to have a skill that is useful after this tragedy. All I could do is arrange their flowers – and I don’t think they have many these days. Please write about what you see and do.

  12. I just left QQ a msg telling him to read your blog and respond… I’m in for the 17th!

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