I Do Believe I’m Done

68 quarts of tomatoes, sauce, juice, soup and chili later, I’ve had it with tomatoes. And yes, it’s true. Midway through the weekend I mixed a drink and danced to the music while tomatoes simmered on the stove. But, come winter, we’ll have the next to best thing when it comes to garden fresh tasting tomatoes. I just won’t buy them in the store anymore.
Now- where’s that woodchuck when I need him? Garden1_1

16 responses to “I Do Believe I’m Done

  1. You are my Ever Lovin’ Hero. I think I’m still in shock that you shared your recipes…… Did I see cherry tomatoes in that sink??? What do you do with those??? I seem to have enough of those little suckers, along with little yellow pears, to feed Bill and the entire Brigade. Is there a way to save those sweet deals for winter? If anyone knows, it has to be you…..

  2. Wow!! Amazing photos. Amazing tomatoes. Enviro-spouse is drooling. I’m sooooo impressed.

  3. Ah, Princess, you seem to squeeze so much life into living. Is there no end to your talent?

  4. How many tomato plants did you start with? WOW! I can almost taste the chili now…hurry up cold weather. And the kitchen is so clean, I thought we might get a glimpse of the tomatoes on the ceilings and walls that you talked about. You are amazing.

  5. I know you’re glad that’s done! Now, on to the next project.

  6. Gorgeous photos and what I am sure must be fabulous tomatoes, whether fresh or canned!

    Poopie, thou art woman!

  7. Oh. My. God! Can I recall that last line? I forgot to whom I was speaking/writing. That’s waht happens when I haven’t had my coffee yet. So sorry, Vicki, can I beg forgiveness?

  8. Judy- On any given day I have trouble remembering the kids names. Not to worry!

    One and all- thank you for the lovely compliments! It’s become an annual tradition I enjoy, largely because of the satisfaction that lasts through the months to come.

    Next project? Knitting season officially opens Sept. 1 in order to get every sweater, sock, hat and mitten done in time for Christmas!

  9. all I can say is.. WOW! you are going to have some real good meals this winter, that’s for sure 🙂

  10. Those look beautiful! Can I buy a case? Trade ya . . .

  11. You are a renaissance woman indeed, Vicki! Is there anything more lovely than a ripe Michigan tomato? I prefer to say tom-ah-to, but we can still be friends, oui?

  12. Now I’m simply ravenous for a fresh cherry tomato. Makes me miss home. 🙂

  13. They are beautiful! I love home grown tomatoes.

  14. Home grown is the best Vicki. You are so good to spend all the time growing them, keeping them healthy and safe from the birds and insects and then preparing them indeed, putting them up for the long winter. Far too few people think this far ahead. How many plants did you have going this year?


  15. Thanks for the very nice comments you left for me. I ‘m so new at the journal site thing that some encouragement is very welcome. I’m still trying to find a “voice”. I feel a bit scattered, but that may prove to be the real me.

    I’m impressed with how very UN-messy your kitchen looks in the middle of canning. Mine, well, its bad. Also, the picture of your green, leafy, beautiful tomato plants is a cause for envy. I’m not sure where you are geographically yet, but where I am early blight makes the plants kind of ugly by August. Nevertheless I put up many quarts myself. Whats your most prolific variety? My favorite is Eva Purple Ball.

    I’m looking forward to reading through your archives and working through your links. What a very interesting world it is.

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