A Little Canning Music

Yes, yes. I’m still at it. Music makes it ever so much easier and as long as you stopped by, here’s a sampler of what I’m listening to. How good are your speakers? You can turn this one way up!

9 responses to “A Little Canning Music

  1. What is this? War of 1812 Overture? High Times on the B&O? Mario Lanza? John Philip Sousa: The Early Years? No, it’s the Yodel Song from Heidi, right?

  2. The crescendos in this audio could cover the crash of Mason jars being dropped, eh. Sounds like background music you might hear shopping in Kerrytown. I’d prefer a little Mr. B. myself.

    I’ve been to your blog before, I think. Looks familiar. But this site is hard to load when you have dial-up like myself. We did have some similar comments about the Art Fair, I see. I do know a lot of Ann Arborites who plan their vacations around the Art Fair. They leave town too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And Go Blue!

  3. I am going to try this Pesto sauce. It is so expensive to buy, even at Costco. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “you said you didn’t cook”. That’s right, I don’t. Not with recipes. I do throw together things and have come up with something different my dad really likes. I lightly cook any type of low carb pasta (so my mom can have a little – diabetic). Then I brown a pound of mild sausage and drain. Add in a couple of eggs and sort of scramble them in the same pan mixing the two together. Put pesto sauce in and mix. Mix this in with the pasta. It’s quick and he loves it. So I may try this as a substitute for the store bought kind.

    Do you grow your own herbs?

  4. What a mix! Vicki’s music hath charms to soothe and pump the savage breast! (slightly adulterated Congreve quotation from the hallowed halls of the MSU Music Building)

    Yikes on those broken jars!

  5. Goody, now we will have a Bonanza of good canned stuff, right? Hoss missed that one, I think.

  6. Wow–I would can very fast to some of that and would want to conduct or dance to a couple of the others. How do you stay on task?

  7. I’m thinking you have a great Labor Day tradition, music and all.

  8. I’m thinking you have a great Labor Day tradition, music and all.

  9. music absolutely helps one at ANY task! (my mom was a big opera freak when cleaning the house on saturdays.) three cheers for the variety of tomato products and the songs on your sampler!

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