After those last two posts…



10 responses to “After those last two posts…

  1. Is that a fox in the middle of a pack of dogs – or am I crazy?

  2. Hell to the victors, valiant!

  3. Sparty-Just take a deep cleansing breath, forgive others their trespasses, realize that all’s fair in love and football and play nice. If it would make you feel better to burn my couch it’s all yours. I hate it anyway. It’s my step-couch…
    If you lived closer I would sneak by and leave canned Michigan tomatoes, marinara and hot sauce on your doorstep.


  4. Your kindness has melted my competitive spirit, Vicki. Or, it could be the promise of your tomato products. I found a beautiful image for your template, in case you ever tire of your lovely new look:


  5. I love the fox–so cute!

  6. I love the fox–so cute!

  7. The old “hide in plain sight” ploy. Nice going, foxy.

  8. OU lost as well. I don’t know how the other MSU (Mississipp State) did or if they even played. They are usually pretty lousy anyway. I guess I should look into Virginia Tech….those fans in this area are truly “rabid”.

  9. Here it is:
    If you can’t fight them..well..join them.

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