Bill  is a man of few words; ever since I sent him a bigger memory chip in that last care package he’s settled for pictures. We do catch up on IM and it’s always a relief when he pops on, especially if we haven’t "seen" him for a few days. My sense is that they are incredibly busy and there is essentially no down time. When we "chatted" yesterday we talked about Katrina and also the terrible stampede in Baghdad yesterday that took the lives of nearly a thousand pilgrims running from the rumor of a suicide bomber.

Today, among some other pictures, you will see pictures of fish. There’s a fish story attached to this. Abby was talking to Bill on IM about moving to Florida and being near the ocean and Bill said there was a nice lake with good fishing right behind his quarters. Abby said, "Right." Bill said, "Really. Some of them are 5 feet long." Abby said, "LOL." They went back and forth for a while but it ended with Abby convinced that, there in the desert and sand storms, there are no lakes and no fish. Turns out that there IS a lake stocked with giant fish; it is a large man-made lake near one of Saddam’s palaces that now headquarters military personnel. How far the mighty, in their BVDs, have fallen.

Yesterday you got a glimpse of the opulence of that palace as well as the haute cuisine dished up at chow time. Today I’m posting pictures of Iraq’s one and only Burger King, Bill’s housing in close proximity to both airport and lake, a typical sand storm and Bill, in full gear on the base.

They loved getting the package of CDs and DVDs but one of the first things Bill noted was that one of the DVD wrappers was missing the disc. I didn’t understand this until about a week later when I was at the cottage and found Miss Congeniality II with Sandra Bullock in our DVD player; we had "previewed" it for them.  Now we know what they go for first over there. Guys: it’s a really stupid sequel but there’s a lot of Sandra to see so I’ll send it right along…Anything else we can send?

You all know my sentiments on this situation so I won’t elaborate, at least in this post. Be informed by the photos (click ’em to big ’em) and, most definitely, SAY HELLO! to Bill , Mary  and all the members of the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade.


  1. Hi Bill and the 322 Brigade! Thank you for doing your duty and giving the rest of us an example of what service truly is.

  2. *big wave* Hey y’all! Good luck with the fishing, Bill. Keep smiling Mary. Keep the faith. ^j^

  3. Hey Bill, I’m grateful for this chance to let you and everyone else over there know how much we appreciate your sacrifice. We at Concordia don’t let a day go by without praying for your safe return and quick resoulution against the enemy.

    I’m very proud to have this chance to let ya’ll know how much we appreciate what you do. You have made the world a better place.

    Thank you!!

  4. Hey… Bill, stafe safe & sane. Glad you enjoyed the disks. More or on the way!

  5. Like the BK, they’ve started pumping junk everywhere now I see.

  6. Those fish might be Amur or grass carp. They have the look and are the right size.

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