Sprucing the place up!

Amy at sp00kalot  is turning her creative talents to sprucing this place up. It’s a work in progress but I can’t wait for the final product. She’s already done up Jen’s place and several others and we’re thinking she could actually get a little business going with the combination of artistic talent and graphic design. So stay tuned…

My kitchen, once again, is under The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. This annual event is a fright to behold- red spatters and splashes from floor to ceiling. I normally do between 60-80 quarts of tomato sauce, sweet red pepper sauce, and a nice Mexican soup base and another 60 pints of three different levels of hot sauce. "Dan’s favorite" is too hot for most of us but has a devoted following among the habenero aficionados we know.

One thing about working with habenero peppers: you learn quickly to keep your fingers out of your nose…

9 responses to “Sprucing the place up!

  1. Reminds me of home, when my parents used to can tomato sauce, chili sauce, etcetera etcetera. The garden’s bounty must be dealt with 🙂

  2. We are starting to get tons of tomatoes too! I guess I will take some to school with me when I go.(even though I envy your tomato splattered kitchen!)

  3. I used to did that, only using jalapeno peppers. They likewise teach you not to rub your eyes until well after cleaning up with Grandma’s lye soap (“It didn’t suds, it didn’t foam..”) and maybe some Lava.

  4. What I wouldn’t give for a perfect Michigan tomato just now, accompanied by a couple of your legendary molasses cookies. (Calm down, Lu!) I’ll have to settle by living vicariously through your thrilling culinary adventures! I’m no shrink, but “The Attack” sounds like equal parts therapy and overachieving to me…

    A glimpse of Spookalot’s spruce-up yesterday shouted “Auspicious New Beginning!” more than “Eggtooth” to me. What’s going on around here?!

  5. Wah! I came looking for the pretty picture! Good thing I have it saved on my computer!

  6. Boy, I sure left some impression on Bonnie with my ode to your Molasses cookies, huh?

    Fresh salsa of the mild variety would make a wonderful Christmas gift….*hint* *hint* ; )

  7. I can picture tomato pieces and puree on the ceilings and floor; and you in your apron with jars lined up all over the counters and table. I’d help but would probably make things worse.
    Thanks for the uplift..strange day here.

  8. Wow! Your cellar/pantry must really be quite a sight when you’re finished with all of that. (Would you consider posting photos?) Do you grow your own tomatoes, or buy them from a farm stand? I’d love to grow tomatoes, but Seattle’s weather is less than ideal. However (Bonnie, are you reading?) there are glorious tomatoes to be had at our farmers markets from nearby farms that have warmer, sunnier climates.

    My husband is becoming concerned about the number of jars (117, at last week’s count) of preserves, pickles and chutney accumulating in our basement… will you reassure him for me that this is a perfectly normal thing to do?

  9. It looks great!!!! I love the color. I had a loft once with walls that were similar (same color, just a lighter shade).

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