Life Repairs Itself

Dinkle_2Corn_2On the way home from Wit’s End we stopped back at the Dinkelville farm stand and ran into our neighbor on the other side, also Rich. Back at home I found Sophie where I left her- sleeping in her new French Market Bag Cat Bed. New_bedThis was a first project in wool felting. The second one, a book bag for Abby, also ends up having more cat appeal than anything else.Marketbag This is just as well since it was occuring to me that ten pounds of felted wool is probably not the book bag of choice  at USF and Abby  pointed out that  although I had chosen colors she likes and incorporated the green and gold of the school it was looking  more like a political statement than anything else.Goodtoy Felting is an interesting and very imprecise process, at least in my hands. You knit this giant version of what you want and then purposefully shrink it in the washer. My work shrinks however it wants and as little or as much as it wants and generally unevenly, despite frequent checks and blocking.  This felting process is some kind of metaphor for life; I’m just not sure how to apply it yet. In the meantime I’m going back to straight knitting. I finally finished a sweater prior to the season starting. While my pale silk Spring sweater still sits within 4 rows of being done, this one is complete and ready for chilly Fall evening walks with the man I love. It took 8 skeins of Manos del Uruguay, lot 113, for a size medium. Next time I do this pattern (Knitting Pure and Simple, Neckdown Pullover) I will do a small- although I like the comfortable bulk of this to wear with jeans.Sweater

16 responses to “Life Repairs Itself

  1. You know, in real life that sweater doesn’t look so girly. I still think a man could wear it. 🙂

  2. Awesome work! I am so impressed with your knitting skills. How long does it take to make one of those cat toys?? Throw a little catnip in there and watch out kitties!

  3. What a wonderful sweater. I have always longed to be a knitter – but have rightly decided that creative talent is required. Sadly, I have none of that. Yet, I do adore farm stands – can we please pretend THAT farm stand appreciation is indeed a talent? Please.

  4. Boy you is some kind of clever. With good eyebone for color. I love that sweater. And I think the book bag came out well; too bad it weighs 100 pounds.

  5. I think the sweater is gorgeous. Mom knits. It keeps her busy and she loves to go to the shop and sit around the table with the ladies, talking while they knit hats, socks, etc. They now have a thread that is dyed somehow using a computer model. You use circular needles and just knit around and around to make a tube scarf. The dying creats a striped pattern to the scarf without you haveing to change threads. They are really colorful. Mom knit one for the Nys last year.

    Those melons in the background look really good and what can you say about Sophie…what a ham. She knows you’re doing a close up. Such poise. Well, in the first picture anyway. 🙂

  6. You do beautiful work. I would love a sweater like that and those colors would look very nice on me! Cats are strange, aren’t they? (almost as weird as people)

  7. I tried knitting once but it didn’t work — I don’t have the talent or patience for any kind of needlework. Looking at that bag and sweater makes me wish I did though, even if the former does weight 100 pounds.

    And now I want some melon.

  8. Everything looks and sounds beautiful here today, except for the hideous t-shirt on that poor misguided soul with his arm around Rich! I love those felt bags–they look like they would be great for hauling around art history books!

  9. Everything looks and sounds beautiful here today, except for the hideous t-shirt on that poor misguided soul with his arm around Rich! I love those felt bags–they look like they would be great for hauling around art history books!

  10. I love that sweater, and those bag things. Makes me wish I knew how to knit. 🙂

  11. I WANT that book bag! It is gorgeous, Vicki.

    I love the new template too. For a minute there, I thought I had stumbled into the wrong site.

  12. I couldn’t focus on your post. I was too distracted by the GORGEOUS new look of your site. Very cool.

  13. What happened to the new look? Did I stumble upon it just when you were testing it out??

  14. I adore that sweater. If you ever decide to make a large, I’ll take it off your hands for you.

  15. OMG. I guessed right that you were working on a sweater when I caught a glance at it in the GHT. Absolutely gorgeous. Oh how I wish I could knit. Imagine the money I could make for Relay if I had a talent like that. You put my knobby crochet to shame. WOW. I want that sweater. I want it HARD. 😉 How much?

  16. Your cat is adorable! Reminds me of my dearly departed kitty Shadow :o)

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