Egg Tooth

That’s the little tooth that certain creatures have to help them out of their shells. Dinosaurs had them, turtles have them, birds have them. There are days I feel like a dinosaur and, in addition to BIG weather, I’m very fond of both sea turtles (including Ms. TD) and birds. Pix124

When I started this weblog 5 short months ago it was primarily with the motive of getting me out of my shell a bit more around writing. I have no background whatsoever in writing because HMO progress notes don’t count. I like to write so I thought if I made a commitment to do a bit each day I might get more disciplined, focused and maybe even become a better writer. None of that has happened yet; friends Patti and Susan think I will probably have to do the writer’s workshop thing and go mingle with some real discipline and talent for a while. But I do, I protest! With the friends I’ve made in the neighborhood here who needs Thomas Lynch? (me, actually…). I have Hoss and Edgy and Angie. Bonnie’s poetry is unsurpassed, Roxanne writes AND gives me daily eye candy…I’m not doing the whole list now but you get the idea. I’m hangin’ with talent. Has that inspired me to be a better writer? Actually, no. It’s inspired me to, hmm, hang (aka, sit in this overstuffed chair) with my new friends.

Who bring to mind a raft of otters. Like a flock of geese or a kettle of vultures, otters hang together. In rafts. When Abby and I were in Alaska, quietly kayaking for miles along the kelp line, we frequently saw these rafts. As many as 70 or 80 otters would be chillin’ together, laid out on their backs, webbed paw to webbed paw. They also use the kelp to link themselves and to babysit young otters: mothers will tie them up and anchor them to the kelp so they can go off and feed and come back to find them.
A good idea that I could have used 18 years ago if only my neighbors didn’t look askance at putting your child on a clothesline run.Sos

So when I put a piece in the category, "egg tooth" it’s usually for want of more organization. It’s a beginning of an idea. It’s an outline of the first chapter. I just need to get out of this chair for some follow-through. In the meantime, I have been having such a splendid time with my "raft". Thanks for letting me drift in and float with you all. Through life and death and transitions and worries of war, through vacations and travels and seasons in the garden, through the heat of the summer and into the hint of autumn- you’re a kind and funny, smart and supportive group.

I’m off to visit, explore and answer comments. Thus far, incidentally, Bonnie is the winner in my new contest, "Comment of the Day." I challenge you to top this:

I attended one of the world’s top schools,
Where we suffered the snobbery of those U. of M. fools.
Obfuscation–it’s one of their rules.
Hence, coprophagia–‘stead of some cavies eat stools!


I’ve been pretty churned up lately what with Abby moving away and the rest of life. This is often when I get my best housecleaning done. Throw out piles of junk. This time I decided to blogroll clean. Entropy being what it is I thought this would at least stay tidier a tad longer. Also I thought it would be easier and more fun than cleaning the house. Still technologically challenged, it didn’t turn out that way. So don’t panic! I’m sure there are oversights and omissions. Keeping in mind both Woody Allen saying that he wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that had him as a member and how EASY I am- if you aren’t here and want to be, drop me a line.

The nitty gritty is: Bonnie Belle got upgraded for her consistently fine comments. She no longer has to live next to the poop eating guinea pig, Princess. Sayonara, Princess.

Knitting Curmudgeon has been replaced by Yarn Harlot. I blame K.C. for all of my felting failures. See tomorrow’s entry " Felting Failures: From French Market Bag to Cat Bed."

Meeta at Scary Depths is gone because her blog is gone but she’s coming to dinner and meet Millie the pig next week so that’s all good.

Laura at Vitamin Sea has been added. She’s got a lovely little site, good writing and she lives in Tampa. If I play my cards right she’ll be checking on Ms.Turtle Dreams within the week. In the meantime she provides Katrina Updates. (See how this works?)

Florida Cracker has been added at Pure Florida. All it took for her was a comment that drew me to an incredible recipe for St. Augustine Clam Chowder and the news that she was a National Park Ranger for years. Great links in her sidebar. Plus she lives fairly near the I-95 evacuation route and that might come in handy. Sold!

Kimberly at Music and Cats has been added for obvious reasons. Read her August entry on "Digging." Wonderful blog.

The Farmer’s Wife has been added: One look at her photographs will tell you she has her soul, heart and eye neatly aligned.

Chris at Life in the Fast Lane is a new neighbor who lives right here in the mitten and leaves wonderful comments as well as having a great family oriented site.

Sharp Corners is, well, sharp. And funny. Check her out.

Claire got added because she brings a British flair to the scene, loves movies and music and is young, like Arethusa. We need young blood around here.

E at Life in Retrospect has been a good blog buddy for some time now and has just been in the curtains waiting for this update. I enjoy her writing enormously. Margaret at Teacherwoman, likewise

Barb at After Hours Pub, like-wise, plus she has GOOD FOOD.

Looking Glass Houses comes via Hoss and you know he knows his writers; I read through her archives and I agree with his endorsement.

I suppose it’s not very PC to say The Moderator got added in part because he’s a guy, but hey! Ying/Yang harmony is everything. Plus he has FRIDAY ARK with animals galore PLUS he has smart commentaries for the thinking person.

Dooce, unfortunately, is history on my list. You can find her.

Finally, Dave Barry- one of the best laughs of the day besides Hoss- has been replaced. You can find Dave without my help. Now go find The Bunnies Classic Films from Angry Aliens Productions. They’re over there in the list with the rest of the newcomers and they are a LAUGH RIOT. 30 seconds to put your head in a better space.

After all that, I just    don’t     have    the    energy   to  highlight         all        the        links….do it yourself. I’m relatively sure you all have them already in your own lists and I’m just late to the party. Besides, I’m working on Felting Failures AND Photos from the Burger King in Iraq, featuring BILL, coming up in the next posts.

Update: Thus far, Turtle Dreams is unpacked and happy as a clam at high tide. Absolutely delighted with her new surrounds! Of course, tides change….keep your fingers crossed for us!


11 responses to “Egg Tooth

  1. delighted and honored to be added to the esteemed ranks here and thanks for the egg tooth story- it’s all new to me!

  2. Morning, Chris! I bet you would be even happier if I actually linked you…there it’s done! 🙂

  3. Vicki, contrary to what BCMA thinks, I think you have done splendidly with this blog. What writing and publishing needs do you have that this does not satisfy, truly? You are an astonishing writer. You put me to shame– but also make me want to be better!

  4. Aww heck Vicki, what Jen said. Your writing rocks! I’ve told everyone to read you because of your incredible writing and how awesome your story-telling ability is. You’re far too hard on yourself (and so are these others, apparently!).

    And I’m thrilled to hear that Abby is so delighted in her new surroundings (but the fingers are crossed, as well as the toes)!

  5. Egg Tooth. I like that.

  6. Now there are more places to go, people to see.
    Abby is happy. Nyssa is happy.
    Are we not two very fortunate mothers?

  7. I agree with Jen and Keri. I said it before too. You are a brilliant writer and I have no idea what you need to improve, I mean how do you think you got so many commenters? People check your blog everyday just to see what you’ve said. That means your words hold value. You. Are. Great. Period.

  8. Yea! Thanks for adding me! The feeling is mutual and I’m going to go do the same right now. I’ve been procrastinating making updates…you’ve motivated me to do so! Thanks, too, for this summary of your changes. I’m going to check out some of these next time I have a few free minutes!

  9. I also have Claire and Arethusa on my blogroll and love having their 20 something wisdom.

  10. I can’t keep abreast of all your changes! AND, I won comment of the day?! Ah, sweet life, indeed!

  11. Well, that’s better. I’m happy I get to meet frau ginuea pig.

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