Ah, Sweet Life!

There’s something wonderfully ironic in that Hurricane Katrina is rolling out the red carpet to greet Abby, her dad and The Putz as they pull up in the limp-a-long U-Haul. This bodes well, I think. Snort, snort. She just called, laughing and giggling and said, "I’m SO excited!" That’s my girl- headed straight for BIG weather.

When Abby was a toddler her favorite book was called Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells. Nora is a little rodent who is tired of waiting for attention so she crashes and bangs and makes all kinds of commotion but she only really gets attention when she leaves and the silence is deafening. A wonderful book- brings back great memories.

I believe I have a little blogroll cleaning to do. There are some people I would like to add because I have found them or they have found me and I need to make them a permanent fixture around here. And there are a few who just have to go because I have my limits. It’s not pretty being easy and I’m already one of the easiest girls in the neighborhood so I’m raising the bar. There are a few listed over there who wouldn’t know me if I fell on them and even if I might want to read them occasionally- like Dooce, for  example- well,I know how to find her and I certainly don’t need to be leading you away from here to her door, where the writing is better and saucier to boot. And there’s Princess over at Diary of a Lesbian Guinea Pig. She’s history. I mean, even she got bored writing about pellets, coprohagia and incest in an 18 by 14 inch cage. MillieThis was Millie’s one blog and now she’s going to be disappointed but, hey, I gotta make room. This is a picture of our Millie, who is older than any guinea pig (aka, whistle pig) on record. She’s real old. She’s deaf and has cataracts and she’s dumb as a post but the good Lord has not created a more endearing joke. Scary Depths Meeta is being wiped out by her own volition as she’s too busy to blog and back in graduate school. It’s just as well because I might have erased her for treason, switching from The University to the veterinary college down the road. Either I have NEVER been Michele Agnew’s Site of the Day, which I could understand since I sometimes poke at her three docs, or I was but NOBODY came and everyone goes to Michele’s anyway so I might sulk and pull her off. Quick- somebody go ask her to make me Site of the Day.

PsychoKitty is in my blog Hall of Fame so he’s on my list for ever and for good. Even though Max has yet to comment or reciprocate with an autographed picture of himself for Sophie. That’s just typical cat stuff, to be expected and he’s always a hoot. Plus I like reading his woman, too. My tribe, those of you "in the hood" so to speak- ya, you all stay.

But I need to make room for about 10 new blogs. 3 or 4 I already know I’m adding; there’s no excuse because I read them daily. That leaves about a half dozen spaces. Or 20. Or more. Is there a blog you think I might like, knowing I enjoy big weather, fine writing, a large raft of otters, gardening, good hearts, witty repartee? (Remember, I caught Rich on Match.com before they went all sleazy.) One you read and think, hmm, Vicki should check this out? Let me tell her about it! Please do- just tack it in the comments and I PROMISE I will go by there tomorrow, comment and see what I think. Even if it’s you and you just want proof that I’m still reading. Or if you think I SHOULD be reading you. Tomorrow I answer ALL comments.

Now I figure, between using the word copraphagia and stirring the blogroll tempest I should get some hits. Right? We’ll see.

Speaking of Match.com, I don’t recommend it. It’s just another addiction, little long-term payoff with only very few exceptions. Rich was actually Heaven sent so I don’t consider him a match.com success story- in fact, I was signing on to quit so biker dudes would stop hounding me when Rich came flitting momentarily across my screen "looking just for me." Really. I thought it was a pick up line, too, but it wasn’t.  I have friends who have been on match.com forever and they just keep running into the same 43 yr. old engineers with 4 sullen teenage boys and a shrew of an ex they have yet to be rid of. One of my friends calls them "dates with her match boys." Another friend joined, to the tune of 5,000.00, "Just Lunch" – a matchmaking business that supposedly custom matches you with guaranteed success. She calls it, "Just Hurl."
Speaking of match.com and passion and sex and true love, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND I NEED HELP. Or at least reassurance until I can find help. When Comcast and I came to blows last week my Eudora pop mail server program blew up. I downloaded the next version but it can’t find my old settings which include my address book (wondering why you haven’t gotten any mail? Write and I’ll write back), sent mail and most importantly a mailbox labeled "RicHearted" that contains all of-yup, you guessed it. Tell me it’s in this computer somewhere. And that some genius will come along and help me find it. I think I’ve already searched and pursued all the obvious folders and locations…
I need these love letters. They help when he’s on the road or we’re having a little spat.
Tomorrow I’ll be busy answering comments and visiting new blogs so there will only be a brief post here discussing egg teeth and explaining a raft of otters. Unless something big comes up. Like they find Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend. Which I doubt.

23 responses to “Ah, Sweet Life!

  1. I was shocked this morning at 5 am.

    Actually, I had you and poopie and kenju in mind with the quote on my “Thank You” post.

    Nicky says hello. He was shocked too. Talk about spending the day under the covers…he was too overwhelmed to come out at all.

  2. Dear Abby: Welcome to Florida. Sort of windy today….


    Vicki, here are some candidates for your b**groll:

    http://www.weeklyscheiss.blogspot.com. Mamacita. Teacher of youngsters and college students alike. Excellent writer. Interesting as all get-out.

    http://www.vitaminsea.typepad.com/ Vitamin Sea/Laura. Lives in Florida, Tampa, I think, so you can have her keep track of Abby. Chatty, well-adjusted lady.

    http://www.junocarlson.blogspot.com. Wonderful storyteller. Hasn’t been posting for awhile but has resumed, with one of her good stories.

  3. You always make me laugh out loud. My dogs are looking at me funny. That last bit about Olivia Newton John was great. What are egg teeth? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. oh, and i need to recommend http://afterhourspub.com/

    Just read it for the food!

  5. THE VETERINARY COLLEGE DOWN THE ROAD??!! Them’s fightin’ words! Obviously, Meeta is getting smarter in her graduate years! Go Spartans!

    I see you’ve placed me just under “Diary of a Lesbian Guinea Pig”, Vicki. Swell!

    I attended one of the world’s top schools,
    Where we suffered the snobbery of those U. of M. fools.
    Obfuscation–it’s one of their rules.
    Hence, coprophagia–‘stead of some cavies eat stools!

  6. Vicki, you might want to check out this blog:


    She is very sharp!! and I also loved the bit about Olivia Newton-John.

  7. As you are drawn to my friend Nancy Fisher’s magic yarn store in lovely Lake Linden (nearly) every time you go north, you might like this site: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/

    This woman is a fine writer and actually was here in Kazoo signing her new book a few weeks ago. Sadly, we had that pesky wedding to go to, and missed both her signing (think Christmas present for my yarn-mad sister) and your drive-by Fang visit.

    Hope all’s well — Bets

  8. Stopping by to say hello….

    A few people have told me that YOU wish to be site of the day. Of course I was charmed, smitten and feeling oh-so-special. Until, sadly there is an UNTIL, you mentioned that you might take me off your blogroll. Now I am sad, shocked and well, devestated.

    I shall now search for tissues to wipe away my tears – and perhaps free therapy from the trio of good doctors.

    You – site of the day. Oh, good idea – why didn’t I think of that? Oh wait, I did! (wink)

  9. You wanted a few suggestions for sites:
    1. Music and Cats – http://www.musicandcats.com/
    She is an architect, musician (violin), cat lover, and a great cook ( I can almost smell and taste the food on her site and the pounds just jump on simply by reading about the food)

    2. The Farmer’s Wife – http://farmerwife.blogspot.com/
    She is from Illinois and takes fabulous pictures of life in the midwest.

  10. Friday Ark #49

    Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday. We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, bee…

  11. Max can be a very rude kitty…you should see him when it’s time to autograph a copy of his book. You’d think I stapled the pen to his little paw…

  12. I’m mention my own political blog but that would be utter snark.

    However, I should tsk-tsk you for not updating TOOMA’s link. And I know you’ve been there. And I know you’ve been relishing our hot little romance. Your readers should get in on the fun.

    I hope Abby et al endures Katrina’s big, wet kiss.

  13. It’s late and I can’t sleep.

    You flatter me with “the good writer” compliments. You’re a GREAT writer. I’m eh-eh.

    Good writer link: Bumblebee Sweet Potato

    Any reviews of the disks we sent?

  14. All very well and good, Vicki. But you better not take me off, or I’ll weep like a baby.

    I hope you find your letters from Rich! That’s practically a tragedy.

  15. we LOVED noisy nora at our house! and not a little because we were raising a very noisy kevin at the time! you are a new addition to my blogroll and i am really pleased to have a fellow michgander on the list. D1 did her undergrad stuff at u of m, so there is a soft spot in my heart for that as well. blessings

  16. We heard about the blog renovation. We are making sure you will never have far to go for therapy- abnd thus keep us in an esteemed place of honor on your blogroll.

    If you don’t, meds will be witheld.

  17. Oh come now vicki, treason?? That’s taking a bit too far ya know 😉 I couldn’t go to our alma mater because well they wouldn’t accept me. I had the credentials, but I was here for too long. Anyways I understand getting rid of me. I would get rid of me too. I would love to meet the oldest guinea pig ever though, she seems like she would be sweet. And btw, your ducks are STILL on my patio, as cute as they are….

  18. I see that SRP has already recommended my blog to you. (Thanks, SRP!) If you’re stopping by today, I’ll point you to my favorite recent posts: Digging.

    Having lurked around here for a while, I can’t imagine why you haven’t yet been Michele’s site of the day. I’ve been known to hassle SC&A, too, and she picked me shortly after I did so.

    I’ll come by even if you aren’t Michele’s pick, because I enjoy reading what you have to say. And I’ll speak up a little more from now on, too.

  19. Here from Michele’s, Hi!

    I didn’t get on with match.com. Something about English men having to be honest…it was never going to be a success over here quite frankly!

  20. I see you’re playing tonight.
    Me too or I would fall asleep.
    Did the girl make it down there ok?

  21. Best wishes to you and your family as you start this new chapter…my kids leaving for college is so far off, I can’t even imagine how that must feel!

  22. My eldest daughter will leave for college and life next year and I am dreading it. I can’t believe it’s so close. I hope your Abby has a safe trip.

  23. Millie is so sweet :o) I want to have some guinea pigs. Might be a good idea to wait until we don’t have a Siberian Husky though!

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