Another thing to do


Launch a child.  Abby is out the door. It will be a month before I fly down to visit her and that is the longest I’ve been away from this child, ever, by at least two weeks. Because she is six years younger than Dan she was “the only child” on the tail end rather than up front. Because he was high maintenance between worries about his congenital heart defect and his highly sensitive and reactive temperament, Abby was on auto-raise for the first number of years. There was also a divorce plugged in there that blew Dan away but she seemed to sail right through. She was the one who could go missing and when I caught my breath and looked around and wondered, “Where’s that girl?” she would be buck naked, tummy down on the bucket swings, across the street in the park. Or camped out on the roof of the garage with all of her prize belongings. Very high up in the spruce tree. And always, if a body of water was to be found, she found it- from puddle to pool to lake to ocean- and there she would be.

Dan left for college at 18 but he only went a mile away and he returned from the dorm relentlessly most nights at dinnertime.  After he was semi-gone, Abby and I started to travel together. We’ve always gone to water. On Nevis we could lean over the porch rail of the volcano side bungalow and watch the eagle rays drift in glorious formation far below. On the Inside Passage she paddled furiously towards the one and a half ton sea lions while I back peddled our kayak as fast as possible. In Costa Rica she swam away from me to find her place with the sea.

Here she is, school by her definition.School Here she is, quietly resting with a turtle.Excabtort Here she is, at dinnerAbby2Abby3 last

night. Quiet. Reflective. Eager.

12 responses to “Another thing to do

  1. What a beautiful sight to behold here today! Abby is gorgeous! She is your spitting image! Those underwater photos–glorious! TD is driven toward her destiny in a way only a privileged few are. I admire your pluck at giving her the freedom and opportunity to find her own wings…or, perhaps fins would be more fitting!


    Green IS your friend…I love your new look…and the background exactly matches my kitchen walls!

  2. Wonderful pictures of Abbykins; practically took my breath away. See you soon. Roberta

  3. You told me several days ago that our two girls seemed to have so much in common. Now another. The trees. I couldn’t keep Nyssa out of them. If there is a tree that is in anyway climbable (i checked it is a word)she will be in the top, just sitting there watching the leaves twist in the wind or the birds in the air. She loves water, has never had the chance to learn to scuba dive like TD but would live in a pool if we had one.
    And the butt nekkid thing…got right past me one day at the front door, out into the yard, 4 year old nekkid nymph.

    She is lovely and I know you are proud of her. I hope her transition is as smooth as Nyssa’s was. A few angst moments with Latin SAT tests and heat wave problems. Today, first day of class, and she loves it.

    Very glad you are back.

  4. So many posts to read to catch up with your comings and goings! I am also very glad you are back. I have missed reading you. Your daughter is gorgeous!

  5. I bet she’s pretty under water, too. Boy I bet this parting is tough on you Vicki. But has to be done, so chin up, sport.

    (On the emails, it was indeed the other way around. But I like getting credit for the best one.)

  6. What a beautiful woman she is! Take heart, Mom! She will be fine until you see her again.

    The cat photo will probably be posted tonight.

  7. Beautiful photos. Saw you’re comment on Edgy Mama, and I’m glad to see your site.

  8. She is gorgeous and I love hearing about her. She sounds marvelously interesting and free-spirited.

  9. I will have to be unoriginal and repetitive here — Good Lord, that child is beautiful. And, yes, she looks sooooo much like you. I can’t wait to hear what she gets up to at college.

  10. that’s the reward for letting them go- you get to see what incredible people they become! my guess is that she’s already well on her way. blessings.

  11. Incandescently beautiful young woman. Stunning. Her soul shines through.

  12. Friday Ark #49

    Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday. We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, bee…

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