McCloud: “I Got Nothing”

Do I look like I got something?  No. The Woman of Many Words went to her Wit’s End with BCMA and it’s none too soon. Things were getting a little too intense around here for my taste. I prefer the laid back approach, easy livin’. I imagine she’ll settle down after some time with that gaggle- lots of food and wine, a boat ride and a little skinny-dipping. A bonfire and some star gazing. They’re looking for Perseids? Whatever. She just needs to chill. Me and FG and her high holy, the Silver Princess Sophie will be holding down the fort. Keep one eye on the finches for her, too.Mccloud_1

17 responses to “McCloud: “I Got Nothing”

  1. Och mcclood. ye ur a braw example ay a feline. Ah hope ye can fin’ some time tae nap.

  2. Although they say its a dog’s life, this pic makes me wish it was a cat’s life!

  3. McCloud, you are a cat after my own heart. I’m fixed but available…..Miss Willow

  4. Precious. Completely perfect……

  5. Vicki, the green flowers you asked about are Bells of Ireland; some of my favorites. I use them in nearly everything – especially tall arrangements.

    McCloud looks so laid back as to be comatose!

  6. Just yer basic lazy day. Great pic.

  7. Boy…that’s exactly how I want to spend my days!

    BTW, thanks for the oh-so-nice happy thought in my comments last night. It was the last thing I read before I shut my laptop down and it made me go to bed with a smile on my face!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Skinnydipping, stargazing, and drinking wine? Very therapeutic and I thoroughly approve.

    By the way, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cat that big.

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  10. Got Something?

    Finally, the previously mentioned pixie-who-spanks-me has a heartbreaking piece at the link above and then – HA! – admits her cat’s got nothing today.

  11. Tomorrow. Fish toss pictures. Promise!

  12. Dear McCloud,
    Please take good care of dad(fg)for me, and tell Vicki I love her site. Sophie may be the high and mighty princess but your in my opinion the king of the roost remember that!
    Starry says she would love to meet someday!

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  14. Aww… now I miss my grumpus-cat.

  15. My new foster kitty looks exactly like McCloud! Since I can’t get him to come out from behind the washing machine, I may post a link back here to show what he looks like! 🙂

  16. My big fat cat, Natasha, used to sit like that. LOL!

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