Let Me Introduce…

Mary! Mary is the youngest member of Bill’s staff in the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. She has the happy task of distributing your goodwill. Bill says he’s hoarding all the letters until he finishes them and then they’ll get passed on in a few days. This weekend, when they have time in their schedule, Mary and Bill and others will be sending more pictures plus notes of thanks. Say Hi! to Mary…Img_0058

13 responses to “Let Me Introduce…

  1. HI Mary! *waves at the screen*

  2. Hi Mary! I like your name!

  3. Hi Mary! (Don’t save all the good C.D.’s for yourself…)

  4. Hi, Mary!!!! Thanks for your help with passing out all the goodies, in addition to all your other tasks. Thank you, thank you! Hope you find something you enjoy.

  5. *big hugs and waves at Mary* Way to GO!

  6. big high and thank you for all you do!
    Go! Mary! Go!

  7. Way to go, all. Have fun, Mary, and thanks. And thanks, Vicki!

  8. Thanks everyone for your great comments. It makes us feel really good to know that there are people back home who are thinking of us. The cd’s are great ( and I am going to keep all the good ones:) Just kidding! Thanks again and talk to you all later……..Mary

  9. Hey Mary!

    Hope you’re enjoying the stash…..


  10. I am still waiting to find out if Vicki worked up the courage to put “Menopause; The Musical” back in the box.

  11. Renee Chun( Biondine)

    Mary its me your long lost sister. I’ve been looking for you for ever. You said you would call or write when you knew where you going but you didn’t. When I see you I am going to kick your ass.

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