I guess that’s my favorite word for today. There’s a lot fomenting in my head today. I think I need to get the external in order first and then maybe my thoughts will settle and fall into place. Also, I want to play catch up around the neighborhood- see if Bonnie ever got out the door camping with that brood of hers, find out what nonsense Hoss is concocting, and, in general, catch up with my posse. Also, rumor has it, that the woodchucks are literally eating my tomatoes as I type so this will be brief.

We’re home, I’m exhausted, especially emotionally (vacations aren’t supposed to be relaxing, are they?) and I have to get started, seriously, launching my Starter Person.

I met three wonderful women bloggers, plus a new friend. Our time together in Grand Marais was altogether too short- just long enough for a lovely dinner, a moose search (primarily for FG who is starting to think that moose are like Bigfoots; they are really a non-existent tourist attraction) and a lengthy bonfire chat. Then we rolled onward to the other side of Lake Superior to visit the Bud and Jan Show.Here we have, in no particular order: Jen , Kathy Howe ,Keri taking pictures of a fascinating public restroom, the four of us (l to r, Keri, Kathy, Jen and me, 15 years older than the rest and feeling ancient), Bud reading-and very much enjoying  Hoss – to my mother, my mother and me looking over old photo albums and the family spit and polished for a rare dinner out (l to r, FG, Jan, Bud, T.D., Uncle Bruce). Click photos to enlarge.BlogherBlogwomenBudlaughingMomandme

I’ll elaborate on all of this tomorrow and the next; now I’m out to fight the woodchucks, start laundry and come by and say hi to you.Family_dinner

10 responses to “Fomenting

  1. Welcome home, Vicki!

    I’m right there with you on the exhaustion and the mountain of laundry.

    Sweetie, I would *never* guess that you were one day older than the rest of the crew you were hanging out with. You are adorable!

  2. welcome home vicki! Now you’ll be busy getting T.D. ready for school, so maybe I’ll talk to you or hear from you after I’ve started school and things have calmed down on your end 🙂
    However, a trip to stucchis is always well worth it. 🙂

  3. Yes, echoing lu’s comment about the youthful Vicki.

    Where to start? The Bud and Mom home looks nice and cozy from what I could see of it. And obviously they are supremely devoted one to another.

    In the picture at bottom I notice a beer at the empty seat. Must be yours. Are you drinking and blogging?

    I visited all the b**ggers you met up with. Nice people. Good pix.

    Now I gotta go see if I can find Grand Marais on a map. Never heard of it, but it looks like a great place for lunch.

    Okay, TD, off to Florida with you. Don’t stay underwater so much you come out looking like the veritable prune.

    You did a great job of keeping this space occupied while you were on vac. Bonnie was super.

  4. What a handsome bunch–your family and the blogging gals!
    Here’s to homecomings, laundry, and woodchucks!
    Gene’s approval…priceless!

  5. You felt ancient? Are you crazy? We so loved meeting you, talked about your stories (and tried to imitate your voices) the rest of the weekend, and Keri didn’t realize you were leaving so soon or she would have come to the campfire, migraine be damned.

    We are definitely doing this again.

  6. *sniffle*

    come back to Wisconsin… we didn’t get to talk enough!

  7. and I think we are kindred spirits… our daughters are so much alike.

    Are you older than me? Sure didn’t seem that way to me!

  8. Great picture of us lining up to take pictures of the bathroom. Did anyone actually USE that bathroom? LOL

  9. Great post. It sounds like you all had a wonderful, if exhausting, time. It’s really neat to see bloggers get together. Good luck with the woodchucks.

  10. Welcome home, V. Only since I’ve had kids have I found holidays exhausting, but I imagine when you’re caring for others, regardless of age, part of your reward is exhaustion.

    Go get the woodchucks!

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