A Bed of My Own

573 miles, all within the State of Michigan. Didn’t think it was that big a place, did you? Lake Superior holds 1/10th of the world’s fresh water supply and is big enough to hold all of the other 4 Great Lakes plus 3 more Lake Eries combined. With a shoreline length of 2,726 miles and a maximum depth of 1,332 feet it is, as lakes go, a very superior lake. While T.D. and I were taking in the view from atop Brockway Mountain two yearling Bald Eagles were riding a thermal wind at eye level. And the night sky this time of year is quite superior as well. We left the outer most tip of the U.P. just before lunch today and FG drove the Good Humor Truck straight through. Our bed and the cats await. Lakesuperior

8 responses to “A Bed of My Own

  1. Vacations are nice but it is always so good to feel those 500 thread count sheets in a familiar bed.

  2. Amazing night sky picture. That alone would be worth the trip. I’m glad you are safely home, Vicki.

  3. Dorothy was right…there’s no place like home.

    Excellent pics, btw. 🙂

  4. The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of the U.P.

  5. Gorgeous photos!

  6. A lurker appreciating the photos. Love the face in trees.

    Take Care

  7. Your photos have put me in mind of “Peter Homan’s Dream” the opera by H. Owen Reed, Professor Emeritus Music Theory, Michigan State University (Go Spartans!)

    There is gold in the eye of the morning, in Michigan where I was born;
    There is gold in the sky and the lakes and the trees;
    For a man with a will to believe what he sees;
    There is gold in the eye of the morn.
    ~excerpt from Michigan Morn

    Great to have you back, Vicki!

  8. That star shot is insanely good. People may use it for desktop wallpaper (I know of one already). In historical geology class we learned about an ancient pre-continent that existed back when the rest of N. America was just a twinkle in Gondwanaland’s eye. The western U.P. is part of the pre-continent, so any outcroppings of bedrock there, like at Lake of the Clouds, is ultra old, older than the Appalachians. Even older than most life. There was no such thing as fish or even land plants when the western UP was formed!

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