View from a Starter Person

The thing about the author of this letter is how completely over the top her mother is…poor child. Even with her problem parent, she seems to be doing well, wouldn’t you say?


6 responses to “View from a Starter Person

  1. Aww. Sounds like a cute family. Except for the insane mother.

    Man. If her mother takes up blogging, the poor child’s life will be a living hell.

  2. LOL Her mother is “over the top” because she does yoga, pottery and knitting? Pfft. We should all be so over the top. One day this kid will learn how good she has it.

  3. I’m just glad this one typed her letter. The handwriting analysis was wearing me down.

  4. This is a kid that anybody would be happy to have as their own. I think maybe she’s kidding about her Mom. But she didn’t hurt Mom, even if she wasn’t kidding.

    (Vicki: 28 bps? You have the patient of Job.)

  5. Wacky, bizarre, over the top…these are all positive adjectives, oui? *Ommmmm*

  6. Wow..I’m honored that you blogged to us via paste! *sigh* tis my daily existence.

    My daughter sent a letter much like this to a NGuardsman that I work with who went to Desert Storm. He was thrilled.

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