In The Land of Lakes and Lutherans

Sven and Ole went on an expensive fishing trip and returned with only one fish. “The way I figger it, dat fish cost us $400,” said Sven. “Vell,” replied Ole, “At dat price it’s a good ting we didn’t catch any more.”

We’re having a fine time here in the land where the women are strong and the men are handsome. I won’t go on at length because I can’t post pictures and this computer of Bud and Jan’s moves at the speed of paste but I just wanted to stop by and say we’re having an absolute blast in beautiful country of green hills, deep blue lakes and good people. We spent a couple nights camping in Grand Marais and meeting up with fellow bloggers; we’ll all be updating on that in a couple days, with pictures.

One thing you’ve gotta say for the Swedes, Finns and Norwegians who have a monopoly on this part of the country: they’re a fun and sturdy lot. They are pretty good at making fun out of what’s at hand, too.
This weekend is the Fisherman’s Picnic and aside from the weighing in of 40# plus Muskies the big events are: stone skipping, loon calling, log rolling (both junior and senior division) and my personal favorite: The Fish Toss. The big question in my mind on this event is: Do they toss the same fish over and over? Or do they use a new one? Do they use a Muskie or a Pumpkinseed? Actually they could combine two events and do the Pumpkinseed skipping contest. Anyway, I bought my ticket for the 10,000. grand prize and I figure now that I’ve started buying into lotteries and drawings since visiting Hoss, I’ll still share any proceeds with him. Hoss- with our luck we’ll win the 17 pound Walleye. I’ll send your 8.5# priority mail.

5 responses to “In The Land of Lakes and Lutherans

  1. Hi Vicki,
    Glad you’re having a nice vacation. It was great to hear from you on my blog this morning. My kids would love a fish toss–after all, they toss anything they can get their hands on!

  2. I am so glad you are having a good vacation too! Can’t wait to see your pictures!!

    That’s so funny you were in Grand Marais– I was in Grand Marais this week too! 🙂

  3. You’re kidding! Wow! Did you take part in the elusive Moose Hunt I heard about? Wow! I hope you have pictures you’re planning to post…

  4. You’re finding your inner SISU!

  5. The Queen of 28 BPS is doing pretty good by us. Great joke, kid.

    I have cleaned out the freezer, have plenty of room for 8.5 lbs. walleye.

    Did you know somebody dumped walleye into the Columbia River and they’re doing great? Not that I care.

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