From the Sublime to the Poignantly Ridiculous

I’m sure, once you read this letter, you’ll have so many comments that any commentary from me is unnecessary. Enjoy!  Letters_to_bill_4a

24 responses to “From the Sublime to the Poignantly Ridiculous

  1. Boy, I’ll bet that letter cheered some “solider” right up. Thanks, self-absorbed little bitch.

  2. unreal!!!!!!! wow.

  3. I’m not sure what the value is in posting this letter (and question the wisdom of putting the author’s name and street address up for the world to see), it seems cruel and mean to display a letter from an obviously troubled person for everyone to ridicule.

    This is so far from the loving compassion I normally find at this sight, I am dumbfounded.

  4. This Starter Person is finding her way along a thornier path than most, but I spy a big heart under that rough exterior that I bet many young soldiers would relate to and recognize, as well. As we Lutherans would say, “Put the best construction on everyone.” I happen to know that Vicki doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body, Jim.

  5. There’s not a teenager alive who’s not at least a little self-absorbed. It’s developmentally appropriate.

    This particular child is struggling, but she has a loving heart. “My parents hate them [the piercings] and they don’t understand why I like them so much, but they try, and I love them for everything they do.”

    Bonnie, you are a good person, and I really appreciate your voice here.

  6. I agree with MistressMary’s assessment of Bonnie and Bonnie’s assessment of this girl. I also agree that I can’t conceive of cruelty in Vicki and that’s why posting this letter puzzles me (and saddens me) so.

  7. Vicki, I’ve read the letter several times and I am remembering how I struggled with expressing myself at that age. She is a very different person than I was, but she is very young and it is so hard not to be self-absorbed at that age. I think she was trying to connect in that letter.

    At the very least, I would take her name and address off the post. I know how private I am about my full identity/location for safety reasons. You want to protect her.

    I would like to have you write something about how that letter made you feel, Vicki, if that makes sense to you. That is the important thing here. What was YOUR response. I think I would learn something from hearing you express that.

  8. Yes, what was your response, Vicki? (And I would definitely blur the kid’s address.) As I started reading it, my first thoughts weren’t all that charitable (without getting into the politics of the war), although as I learned more about the author, I just felt sorry for her. There must be reasons for her attitude, overdosing, extreme rebellion…whatever those are must be a lot to handle. At the very least, she’s honest. Something tells me she won’t get the extra credit, though, and that seems unfair, much as I would rather she find something nice to say to a soldier who’d rather be home instead of fighting a controversial war abroad. This kid will change a lot in the next several years, and I find myself wondering if her letter will go to a soldier who perhaps has kids of his own that age and if he/she will say something compassionate or enlightening, or if he/she will react negatively. Very interesting. Do say what you think, Vicki…

  9. Fans of Vicki who expect perfection–she’s on vacation!

    Don’t over-analyze…you’ll turn into shrinks!

  10. Vicki I cant read this letter or the Starter Letter 😦

    It is cut off on the right side for me and when I click on them, they open but I cant scroll down to read the end of them. I found the first few lines very interesting and would like to read the rest. Could you email both this one and the Starter Letter to me so I can finish them? Peas?

  11. Some of the commenters seem to find redeeming features in this girl. I don’t see it. Put yourself in the place of the “solider” who gets this letter. You really expect him to write back and say “How sweet, you poor misunderstood little thing”?

    And Vicki IS a nice lady. So there!

  12. She’s a kid, Hoss. Did you never do anything stupid when you were a kid?

    Also, we get it. She is not a good speller.

  13. I have to praise her for her honesty. Kids and some adults don’t think of anything but themselves. It’s part of growing up.


  14. I know Vicki is nice, Hoss. That’s why I’m here.

    Vicki, you are great.

  15. I worked with some children from Dexter for a bit during my stint as a therapist, so in a way…I do understand this girl. I know that the soldier who gets her letter may not understand her, but I agree with the many of you who say she has a big heart. I think high school and being a teenager during those years is a hard thing to go through. You’re clearly trying to find out who you are and where you fit in. She’s direct in what she’s saying, but at the same time you can just tell she’s searching for her place in the world.
    I hope that the soldier who gets the letter remembers high school for what it was, a tough place to be.
    And Vicki, yeah you are a nice person 😉 And I can say this since we’ve met 😀

  16. No one has questioned whether or not “Vicki is a nice lady” – that’s self evident, almost an axiom. Several of us are astounded as to why this “nice lady” would hold someone up to ridicule since it seems to be completely out of character for her.

    I also happen to know that many of the troops feel the same way as this girl but politics are beside the point. As a parent, I’m APPALLED that someone would post a letter (along with name and street address) of a child that was meant to go to the troops and certainly not meant to be held up for WWW scrutiny.

  17. Perhaps we should wait for Our Lady of Perpetual Niceness’ return, so that she can respond to her loyal readers. In the meantime, may I recommend hot yoga?

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!~Monty Python

  18. I’m sorry, but OLofPN is at the Barnes and Noble in Duluth, Minn. and not available for stoning. Here was my thinking: First, I saw some redeeming value in this letter. I saw her defiant attempts at finding herself in a way that is not all THAT rare among adolescents. (I taught at this high school for a period of time and you may be out of touch if you think there are not a lot of young people out there sorting out life in this very same way. I saw her acknowledgement that she marches to a different drummer. I heard her say that she loves her parents even though they don’t understand each other. I heard her giving herself a pat on the back for her attempts to not be self-destructive, even granted that’s by her definition and felt that she has the hallmarks of a survivor. And, I also thought that there’s a chance this letter will be received by a service person not so far removed from adolescence themselves who might marvel at the distance they are from this time and this place and yet, remember it with a smile.

  19. I just cut the second page of this letter out of respect for this young woman’s confidentiality although she submitted the letter for public circulation. I trust those people who read this blog enough to believe that they would never take advantage of information they could gather directly or overtly to cause harm or hurt. I also don’t lock my doors and go away on vacation. What can I say? Mea Culpa.

  20. THANK YOU – I knew there was more to this than met the eye.

    Although I’m positive none of your readers would have used that information for ill, we never know who is reading our blogs. I’ve been visited and lurked by some pretty unsavory types following links from the most unthinkably grotesque keyword searches.

    I also appreciate your assessment of this child as someone special, dealing with a tough stretch of life. It’s unfortunate that some found “no redeeming qualities” in this girl. I know that, for me, this experience taught me how to take another look at something/someone.

    I apologize for starting the controversy here but I think you know me enough by now to know my passions do not run lukewarm. 😉

  21. Whew. Lots going on here. But what jumps out at me is Old Horsetail Snake’s comment, “…bitch.”

    Whoadude. Teenage girls are not bitches. A little nuts, often testy, but “bitch”? Uh, dude? No.

    Everyone was gentle to this commenter, but I won’t be. As the proud mother of a 14 year old teenage girl, a mentor to her friends, and the stepmother to three young adult women, should someone dare call any of them a “bitch”, then I would be compelled to demonstrate what exactly this word means.

  22. Soldier (with a big “S”) is how it is spelled these days and with the blessing of the leadership. I think math sucks too! As for the piercings…It feels easier being here and doing this than does the thought of even one piercing. Could it be all the shots we got before coming? Anyway…thanks for the note. If/when you do more of those things…take care and don’t let them get infected. 🙂

  23. I can’t wait for Bill to get the disks as some small karmic payback….

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