I’m out of here for one week for, you know, what’s that word? Right. Vacation. I actually enjoy the week we take each year to head out in this gas guzzling behemoth. It belongs to FG’s sports marketing company and he uses it when he takes his crew to the Indy 500 and other annoying sports events. But then, the first week in August I clean out all the guy essence, pack it up with nice linens and good food and wine and we head out to see the world. This year I’ll be meeting up with three of my fellow bloggers in Northern Minnesota (It’s the midwest BlogHer/wild bonfire of the vanities convention) and then we will be heading over to visit my parents- the Bud and Jan Show- and my brother (aka, Uncle Buck) in the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula on Lake Superior. The very best news is that yesterday, just on a whim, my current favorite Starter Person, T.D., announced that she "guessed she’d come along."  This was totally unexpected as these are her last weeks at home but she couldn’t pass on the Bud and Jan Show. She will just put in her headphones, read her book, all stretched out on the sofa with her pillow. She’s bringing her trusty basketball and the poker set. My parents have no idea she’s coming so they are going to be absolutely delighted. And so are we. What a gift-to spend a week with her now when I’m already missing her. I’m SO happy!

Internet is sketchy and mostly I’m just going to set it aside.I’ll try to post some pictures from the beautiful U.P. of the whole Show. This next Saturday is the day we boat across the lake and Fisheries and Wildlife sends a specialist to climb the tree, bring down the eaglets and band them.

I’ll miss you all- truly. Everyday I look forward to the half hour I spend posting in the morning and the hour in the evening when I come to visit you and smile, laugh, learn, cry, connect. But:

In an effort to retain all of my readers and collect many many comments I have this

In the process of putting together a package headed for the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade and brother Bill in Iraq, my dear friend Amy  collected letters from high school students with news from home (she gardens! she teaches English and Special Ed. in one of the local High Schools! she’s beautiful! she’s single! inquiries will be forwarded). These letters are hilarious, warm, funny,patriotic, wacky, silly and some are just plain over-the-top. You will laugh ’til you weep or your money back. You’ll also ponder the state of public education…

In keeping with the Starter People theme for August you will be rolling on the floor as you get to read what goes on in the heads of these high school kids. I’ve scanned each letter just as they came to me and are now enroute to Iraq. For the reading pleasure of our soilders . Soliders . Soldeers. Solidirs. Our heroes. The first letter is up early tomorrow morning and it’s sweet enough to say your prayers by. Spread the word, spread the cheer.The 322d Civil Affairs Brigade is now tuned in daily to your comments here and I’ll have pictures of them with your CDs, DVDs and letters to post soon.

Enjoy. Have a great week, drive safely, use your sunscreen! Midweek, be sure to look here for a delightful "guest post." Talk soon. V

P.S. Katy Clark sent a care package directly to Bill’s APO address. I don’t know you, Katy, but I sure do love you! Bill sends his hearfelt thanks!


  1. I can’t wait. Show me the letters!

    I KNOW you will have a great time up north, Vickster. Lots of grist for the ol’ OutsideIn mill, too.

  2. Enjoy your vacation. You will be missed! 🙂

  3. That bus runs on vegetable oil, right?

  4. oh damn, I hate it when my favorite bloggers go online!

    Hey! What do you mean you’re meeting people up north!!!

    When the hell are you coming to Missouri????

  5. offline. when they go OFFLINE.

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