What to say?

Thank you is insufficient. We received a box from Jim  today with approximately 100 CDs to ship to Iraq for the men and women of the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. Some of them are in beautifully labeled and decorated cases, some of them have pictures drawn by children tucked in, some have notes, many are "mystery" mixes. This outpouring of kindness is overwhelming. To all of you who responded to this request, you have our sincere and heartfelt gratitude. I especially want to thank Jim and Mamacita  because I know they went above and beyond in this effort.

Bill let me know by IM that it is a great morale booster when he can distribute these to the men under his command. I know he’s going to have a great time with this box. I’ve also sent him a larger video data card for his camera and as soon as we get pictures and  return mail I’ll pass it right on to you.

6 responses to “What to say?

  1. Ah, thanks, Vicki; I am much looking forward to the mail and pix from BIL. You (and he and your contributing buddies) are so good.

  2. Mine is one of the mystery mixes, because I was darned proud of myself for actually burning my first cd, successfully, I forgot to label the darn thing.

    Ah well.

    This is good stuff, indeed!

  3. You are soooooo welcome. It was a pleasure. Now, is there anything else soldiers especially like to get in the mail?

  4. Glad you got the package – *whew!* – and I hope they enjoy the wee one’s artwork.

    I also hope Bill takes the time to kick back and let the Eno (+ sundry cuts) disk work its astral-projection magic.

    Speaking of which – did you get the other package?

  5. Wow. Great work, all of you. Good organizing, Vicki.

    Have a great vacation. I’ll miss you!

  6. How wonderful!! I hope they like mine! 😀

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