I Do Not Like Them

(chillin’ at Wit’s End)           Spider_1

I do not like them on my boat
I do not like them in my coat
Creepy, crawly everywhere
I DO NOT like them in my hair
You might say they do not bite
You are wrong! They bite at night!
I do not like all that leg
Even seven and a peg
I do not like them,but the shadow is cool…

(This guy, with one leg missing, was cruising along on the side of the pontoon boat this morning.)

This is a repost for Len’s Day
challenge, SHADOW

17 responses to “I Do Not Like Them

  1. I do spiders but at a distance, snakes too. Oh, and I don’t do stomach contents. But, the shadow is very cool. Looks like the spider is dancing with (his/her/what does it matter) shadow. This then would be a “shadow dancer”.

  2. And you’re a poet, too!!! If you’d like to come catch the big snake that lives in/ around the foundation of my house, you can have him. He likes to eat little spiders….

  3. cool picture!!! I’m with ya..I don’t care if they eat the other bugs..they’re dead me if they are in my house.

  4. cool picture!!! I’m with ya..I don’t care if they eat the other bugs..they’re dead me if they are in my house.

  5. Eeek!

    I woke yesterday to have both my girls in bed with me..that’s right, my soon to be 13 year old along with Jordan. Why? There was a spider in K’s room and even after I exterminated said spider and vacuumed the entire room (at 2AM, no less)she just could. not. sleep in there. *Sigh*

    Love your poem…just shared it with thegirls. : )

  6. I do not like green eggs and ham,

    Or brown recluse, no thank you, ma’am.

    (This would be a real pretty site Vicki if you could dress up the header with a giant otter.)

  7. Hoss–HA!

    There are far fewer poisonous spiders in the great Pacific NW, Vicki! I have a few spider lovers here (that’s how they were driven to learn the Linnean system) so we’re not allowed to kill them. “They kill the bad bugs, Mama!”

  8. Looks like he’s gettin’ along just fine minus a leg…YIKES.

  9. We don’t kill spiders here, either! Both my girls are very skilled at gently removing spiders from the premises and depositing them outside. Sophie even did it at her job the other day, to her boss’s amusement.

  10. I don’t kill them although I’ve been guilty of rinsing one or two down the shower if I need to occupy it. I know we have a bunch in the houseplants because they leave tiny specks of hard spider poop on the wood floor but that’s okay because they do clean off “bad bugs.” Outside, they’re fine. I was just so impressed with this great picture as he was moving along a line of web about an inch off the boat, casting a fine shadow. I LOVE snakes!

  11. I am not fond of spiders OR snakes :shudder: but I don’t kill the former because they eat icky flying insects which I hate even more than spiders.

  12. wow vicki, we do have something in common. I don’t like them either, but I won’t kill them. Although…if they are in the sink or the shower…the itsy bitsy spider gets washed down the water spout.

  13. How do you feel about green eggs and ham ????

  14. Friday Ark

    Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday. We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, bee…

  15. You bit his leg off, didnt you. I wish our legs would grow back when they fell off like theirs do. That would be too cool.

    What. Where you at? I made a game, but alas, I have resorted to playing by myself. Hmf.

  16. I actually don’t mind them, but this picture would strike terror in the hearts of my three children.

    Amy, I did your quiz!!!!

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