A Month of Starter People

I know it’s not August yet but I’m gearing up. Here, at OutsideIn, August is going to be The Month of the Starter People. Oh, there will be other things happening as well: We will revisit The Bud and Jan Show next week, the War of the  Groundhog and the Tomatoes will rev into full gear in August and BCMA (Hoss! For the last time! That’s BOOK CLUB, MY ASS!) will meet at Wit’s End to celebrate the Perseid Meteor showers. All will be revealed.

And yet. August will be mainly Starter People Month. Starter People is a term I coined for children who have one foot out the door while keeping one- usually the one with the muddy shoe- in the homefront door. They are either young adults or toddlers with driver’s licenses, depending on the day, but every day they want the respect and rights and privileges of full adulthood. They also often want the privileges of toddlerhood, only covertly, and while driving your car.

Starter People are not at all like Starter Homes. Starter Homes are those first home-of-your-own houses that are complete but cheap. Starter People are neither complete nor cheap. In fact, they cost more than Starter Homes and sometimes it’s as though the Builder just moved on to a new project and left you with unfinished goods.

Some Starter People are self-starters and some need a new starter engine switch installed every 3,000 miles. And so, in August, I will be writing about Starter People I Have Known (and loved). It might be the outline for a book. In the meantime, I hold the copyright on "Starter People."

8 responses to “A Month of Starter People

  1. Oh, I’ll be following this VERY closely. August is going to be a momentous month, isn’t it?

    Your description of starter people is brilliant. I may have to borrow that phrase over at my site, but I’ll give full credit to you, don’t worry.

    Check your email.

  2. I too, was a starter person once. Boy did I go through my share of starter motors. And I think I costed more than a neighborhood of starter homes.

  3. So vicki, can I be a starter person too??? I mean I am venturing to new territory, albeit this time without the parental monetary support.

  4. I’ll be interested to read this because I don’t think I understand . . .

  5. Are starters supposed to contribute anything more than toxic waste dump quality bedrooms/baths, garbage by the bale, slamming doors and rescue-me please I’m out of gas telephone calls to the family unit as a whole, or am I doing something wrong with mine?

  6. It is far better to be a Smarter People. Those are the ones who never give birth to potential Starter People. Smarter People are smug, well-fed and rich, with clean floors. They belong to any number of BCMAs.

  7. My sister had a starter husband.

    How long until children become starter people? We’re still working on proper hiney wiping at my house.

  8. i am so looking forward to your perspective on Starter People as my toddler and pre-schooler will turn into them some day and I respect your opinion!

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