Where’s Amy?

AmyShe’s in there. Between the two of us we’re going to get this place looking like a finely manicured Japanese Garden with attention to the tiniest detail before August. Because I love that manicured tidy look I see when I go on the Junior League Garden Tour and I’m going to emulate that. Bwa-hah-hah!

We’re having a little tomato overgrowth problem this summer. If you look click to enlarge you’ll see them everywhere, even lurking behind those morning glories. And then there’s a picture of my very first tomato- remember the one I’ve been waiting for so I could dice it up with just the smallest smidge of sugar and salt and gobble it up? Well, Mr. Ground Hog got the first bites last night. You know what I’m doing right now, while I type this post? I’m eating the rest of it, dammit.


6 responses to “Where’s Amy?

  1. Vicariously savoring that tomato with you and Mr. Groundhog…You’d feel right at home in a rainforest, Vicki!

  2. That’s going to take a lot of manicuring. Now you’ve gone and put me in the mood for a tomato.

  3. Many people lost in that jungle, Vicki? And look, there’s Tarzan. Gee whiz….

  4. Is that Amy hiding amongst the hemp crop??

  5. Growing conditions must be just right in Michigan!

  6. I was staring at the ducks and the swans saying don’t you DARE eat my tomatoes before I do! …guess it worked 😉

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