Sax Man, minus hair.

The caption reads "a saxophone." That, ladies and gentlemen, is not just "a saxophone." Around here we don’t insure jewelry or silver or fine art. We insure a 1929 Beuscher Baritone Saxophone, original laquer, mint including love dents.  And, of course, that is not just  any sax man. Dan_in_the_a2_news_july_2005

3 responses to “Sax Man, minus hair.

  1. That newspaper photo and article just couldn’t get any cooler–and that sax man (who we thought couldn’t get any hotter) shaved his head and is now smokin’! Excuse my lingo, but I’m down with some Tom Waits, baby…

  2. Vicki — I almost missed this post! What a handsome boy you have there. I bet he’s got women lined up…has he brought home any lady friends?

  3. And a goddamned good sax man he is – that disk is AWESOME!!! TYSM!!!

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