What are Friends For? Part 2, Tom Waits

Bonnie, Tom Waits can be an acquired taste, especially for a classical cellist. I’m starting you off easy here.

4 responses to “What are Friends For? Part 2, Tom Waits

  1. Ahhhh Thanks for the listen. I love Tom Waits. Of course, I’m a jazz musician…



  2. *sighs*

    Oh this is lovely. I think I’ll listen to all of his albums that I have later on tonight. Thanks Vicki!

  3. You don’t have to sell me on Tom Waits. I’m already a fan, and I enjoyed this. Thanks.

  4. Strangely soothing…just what I needed upon learning that Hoss is a Wolverine fan. I’m going to need something even more gravelly, baleful, and morose to help me get over the fact that Hoss wouldn’t even accept your “saintly” offering of an MSU shirt, Vicki!

    Ode on Waiting for More Waits
    (Bring on the Sax)

    Cellists can sound quite forlorn.
    But, Tom Waits sounds hurt, even torn!
    Since I feel quite like dirt–
    Hoss declined the “right” shirt?!–
    Perhaps I should ne’er have been born!

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