Lucky Numbers

I’m in the mood for some lucky numbers. So I’m just going to sit here and contemplate my (unpierced) navel and see what comes. Okay, I’m cogitating. I’m visualizing. Uh-huh. They’re appearing now, just like in a Magic Eight Ball…let’s see…alright… the lucky numbers are: 11 17 19 26 32 24 25 31 73 2 17 18 36 39 48

There is much happening in the neighborhood today: Chris and Beth welcome beautiful Mia to the world and you should go say hello, Hoss found a drinking buddy in that vale of Depends, Edgy Mama has written a couple of very thought provoking posts and Mamacita is always fine. Jim at Patriside has been thinking about his children, the steamy and spunky romance continues at the delightful Lu’s. Bonnie will have a lovely photo, a good thought and insist that you call your mum. (already did today!) Mistress Mary and Melange and My Whim are wonderful per usual and Jen departs on her honeymoon. Sp00k’s walls look diseased but she’s curing them. Z and Bloggin’ Idiot are places I’m just beginning to explore; you probably already know them well. Arethusa is ON THE AIR tonight at 10pm EST. All the rest of my good neighbors- well, I’m tuned in. I won’t put in the links and I won’t comment til we hit the peace and quiet of our Portland hotel tonight because we’re heading out for another day of exploring with plans to avoid the stench of sea lion poop in lieu of a good dungeoness crab sandwich at a little place on the coast. Have a most beautiful day.

2 responses to “Lucky Numbers

  1. Jealous of your navel-gazing, relaxing, exploring, staring at the sea time. Ahhhhhhh….

  2. Love the pictures. Have a great time.
    No mourning dove babies yet, but I flashed a pic of her at six inches and she didn’t move so I’m suspicious that hatching is underway.

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