The SUITCASE- again!

You think a giant bowl of kibble and water dripping in the sink will save your basket of knitting? Think again…Unknown_2


11 responses to “The SUITCASE- again!

  1. Big – BIG – package mailed tomorrow…. no, I’m not going to indulge in all of Mamacita’s disks.

    I’ll mail any stragglers to Bill myself.

    If Bill feels rocked sufficiently, I’ll poke up the August mixmania! for him as well.

  2. Brilliant photo, V. When’s the exhibit?

  3. Umm hmmm…That kitty likes the yarn, huh? Great pic!

  4. I LOVE this cat. She is my cat’s twin.

  5. “You left me for an art fair?!”~Sophie

  6. Absolutely nothing is safe from my kitty except huge garbage bags. Your kitty looks so mischievous!

  7. If you knit, they will come.

  8. Where did kitty get the deep golden amber eyes? Royal indeed!

  9. I used to have a kitty very similar to this except she had a white chin and 4 white paws. What a beauty yours is!

  10. I know– mine cover my suitcase with cat hair, thinking I wouldn’t possibly be caught dead in public with it. They are wrong– it makes it easy to spot in baggage claim.

  11. Let’s hope she didn’t leave you a little gift like Sophia left me.

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