Name That Tune

You know that time in the summer when all your neighbors are coming and going on vacation and you can’t keep track of who’s home when? Well that’s how I feel about you all right now. Add to that this incestuous business of guest blogging, where you abandon your own and go marching off to Tennesee or Seattle…Yeesh!  And I’ll admit, I’ve been sort of higglety pigglety, too.  The garden’s run amok, the dock is still sinking, the AC guy came- finally- and then there’s the girl. I could have written an entire post in the the time I spent sitting on the upstairs landing sobbing and braiding the hair of the American Doll that was made to look just like her green-eyed self. This is ridiculous.

The combination of her going to college and having a guest this coming week is the incentive to start packing away her childhood- okay, enough. I can’t write that. Anyway, we have a guest artist staying with us for the duration of the Art Fair and he arrives tonight for set up tomorrow. Believe when I say this town turns inside out  for Art Fair and I will keep you posted.

Right now I leave you with this feeble list I found on my PDA. I jotted these down once in the middle of the night and the memo got transferred from my lap top to the PDA and I noticed it today while waiting in line at the bank. This is the whack stuff I think to write about. Anything sound particularly interesting to you? Let me know and I’ll get to work. Groundhog

Complaints about my boss and her unwillingness to give me any benefits, let alone a gold watch

Daniel, caulk and Big League Chew

Starter People- a series

My best recipe for creme brulee and other food you can torch

pitfalls, pratfalls and precautionary notes on psychotherapy

Bad associations to the Mall- weaning Daniel, "can I nurse you now?"
vs weaning TD

more on FG’s lizard and now his ground hog

an entire post with no spele check and a whole dasy wroth of dyslexid spellinf without correction

7 responses to “Name That Tune

  1. It’s ALL good. Write on!

    Except any post that makes Ann Arbor sound like the center of the universe…the center is actually to the northwest, just up the road a piece–East Lansing.

    “Can I nurse you now”???

  2. Boy, I wish I could have some of those topics. Except, of course, I don’t know anything about any of them so it would be a waste so why should I care?

    Do Starter People. It’s the only one that doesn’t make sense.

  3. Sheesh…. don’t you have a garden girl??? Isn’t she doing her job?? You need to kick her in the butt if she’s not making the cut…. But give her an opportunity to improve. She may need the job. 🙂

  4. Aw, you got the bottom one from me, didn’t you?

  5. All of those topics sound fabulous, but I’m *still* waiting for the post that explains how and why you are on board with Mr Cruise. *drumming fingers impatiently*…

  6. You have to write about Starter People because I just have no idea what the hell that means. Explain. I can’t get the image of a starter log out of my head–you know, to start a fire with.

  7. Vicki anything you write is golden… If you write it, we will come. However, if you must know, I’m an animal person so the lizard and groundhog sound particularly good to me. Or you could always write about how cool I am…

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