In The Dark of the Night

What was the name of that plant in Little Shop of Horrors? Audrey? Well, now that I’ve gotten my artiste and his assistant all settled in the guest room (yeah, it’s a guest room. That will teach that wretch a thing or two about leaving home. I think the artiste is wondering why he’s sleeping with an American Girl doll.)  I went out to get a breath of fresh air and I found this. This Night-blooming cereus has grown from a small piece I got from my good friend, Toni, who moved to Napa Valley a couple months ago. Hers never bloomed. This will teach that wretch a thing or two about moving away from me and BCMA. It smells even finer than it looks. Audrey1Audrey

15 responses to “In The Dark of the Night

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous flower and picture.

    The artist should love the American Girl Doll. I think I loved my daughter’s more than she did.

    Ever seen a “My Twin” doll?

  2. I’m serious–’tis a beautiful cereus.

    Amazing Grace that saved two wretches like me?

    To art!

  3. That’s just beautiful! My folks have a neighbor who loves to garden, and once he brought over a Night-Blooming Cereus bud for us. (His plant was huge, so he could afford to give away blooms.) We watched it bloom in water that night. The scent is incredible, and one either hates it or loves it. I loved it. Thanks for jogging my memory…

  4. My Grandma is smiling down on you and your Nigh Blooming Cereus. It was one of her favorite flowers. She used to call us over on the nights that it would bloom so we could see/ SMELL it. They’re WONDERFUL. Thanks for bringing back such a perfect memory. 🙂

  5. Yes, the plant in Little Shop of Horrors was named Audrey. Trust me.

    “Feed me, Baby!”

  6. WOW! Nothing in my garden looks ANYTHING like that!!

  7. That is absolutely amazing. Great pic!

  8. That’s one spectacular plant, like a tuberous begonia only stranger.

    (90 degrees Eugene for Thursday. Low humidity though.)

  9. So does audrey ask you to feed me? And my everyone around you seems to be a wretch, hmmm maybe I should keep my safe distance too 😉

  10. Whoa. What a green thumb you have.

    That wretch. Hehehe…

  11. GORGEOUS!!!!! I want one I want one. Anything that blooms at night is extra special. I have moon flowers, sometimes. They’re there when they want to be, in otherwords. They smell AWESOME and bloom in the moonlight. Its actually Gypsum, but moon flower sounds better.

  12. Lovely flower. The art festival looks fabulous! Wish I were there.

  13. Gorgeous flower!

  14. Vicki, beautiful flower and big hug regarding the girl, her departure and the American girl doll. My time will come, too.

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