The Gift of Two

There’s another child person that we like and love enormously around here. He’s had a full gig schedule playing with NOMO and several other bands this summer. I tried to upload an audioblog from their latest album, LP, for you, especially Arethusa, but iTunes won’t let me reformat to mp3. You’ll just have to go to iTunes and buy it for yourself. You would think that I would have hard copies of these CDs of his but I don’t. He always says when he makes one he likes he’ll give it to me. I also have very few photos of him- he doesn’t like those either. Here’s one of the two kids that he dislikes because they’ve both lost a fair amount of weight and gotten very lean since this was taken 2 years ago and he says  in this picture he looks "cheeky."Kids_1

Last night NOMO played the Festival Opening Concert for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Carnival of Colors series. He gets around. Still, he’s never really satisfied with his music. I’m surprised he hasn’t cut off both ears, ala Van Gogh. I think he has music in his head that’s trying to find it’s way out; he composes and practices many hours each day. Then he tours with NOMO, JusThis, Saturday Looks Good to Me and others to earn a meager living. I’ll get to hear him next week because they close out the Ann Arbor Art Fair. (You will be getting a rant or two about that next week; we natives have a serious love/hate/dread relationship with this, the third largest in the country.)

In the meantime, he’s a delight to have around. He’s funny and smart and kind as always and now, for the first time, he’s also tidy and helpful. That’s how I know that he’s a person rather than a child. I’m just glad he’s my person.

9 responses to “The Gift of Two

  1. What a handsome pair! Nice work, Vicki!!

    Yay Detroit Symphony!

    You’ll be ranting about Ann Arbor? I’m in!

  2. Very good looking crew there.

    Do they really turn “neat & tidy”? Really? No fooling? When? What age? Will I still be living and breathing then?

    If I had to be my child’s college roomate I would find some way to switch as soon as possible.

  3. OOoh – an Art Fair rant? I’m so there…

    Nice looking pair there!

  4. Oh I appreciate the effort Vicki, I’ll go buy it right away! This is the son who payed…who plays with…ok I can’t continue that line of thought or I’ll faint again. 🙂 fair? I’ve never been to one so I’d like to read about it.

  5. The boy has talent! What a pair you spawned, Ms.Vicki. As for the post above this one, yes, I will make sure I see the Penguin movie. I do as I’m told, especially when someone smart is telling me to do stuff.

  6. Vicki, they’re so gorgeous! What is this picture from???

  7. Vicki! Your kids are just beautiful. Good luck to your son with his music…my daughter’s boyfriend plays in two bands. I asked what he plays and she said ‘he’s the vocalist.’ (Nice, I’m thinking!) So I said, “Oh! Does he have a nice voice?” to which she replied, “Well, it’s death metal so he just screams.” Kids. 🙂

    Anyway…yours are gorgeous, and I too am wondering where that picture was from.

  8. hello. i’ve just stumbled across this page while looking for info about nomo at the art fair this year, and am hoping you can help me find out WHEN and where they’re playing.

    their site says they play today (thursday the 21st) but lists no time…this site says they close it out (so saturday then? but what time?)…the art fair site doesn’t even list them at all! kind of frustrating. i just want to see them, especially since i was a bonehead and missed them at the concert of colors.

    thanks for any help!

  9. I went to the NOMO site and downloaded the tunes they have there. I have to say I liked their sound. Thanks for turning us on to them.


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