Me and my bad posture

This lovely fellow I saw in the garden in Florida has F.H.P.- that stands for Forward Head Posture. It looks like it works well for him. It’s not working so well for me. I’d like to say that it’s because I’m just so gosh darn eager to see what’s coming next in life but actually it’s familial and seriously compounded by using my lap top on my lap (Hey! I’m just following directions. It’s a lap top), knitting a couple hours a day and yes, well, schlumping. I schlump too much. Bonnie, I see you rolling your eyes out there Seattle-way. So Marci worked her magic on my shoulder this morning and it helped. Some.Turtle

Here’s the silver lining: I’m gonna get me a new chair. I spend many hours in this cat-shredded fading upholstered mess, listening to people all day, and schlumping away on my computer at night. Do you think anyone makes one with a little portable desk arm type thing like those old fashioned school desks? That’s just an idea I had but it sounds smart- a fold away surface you can put your computer on when you’re working on it. And I’m signing up for yoga. I called already and they’re sending the schedule. And I’m going to continue with the laying on of Marci hands. I don’t care how much you’re into your sweetie- they just don’t do that back rub thing like a trained professional when it comes to working out a real kink. Oh! And T.D. can carry my bag and backpack through the airports today. See?  Everything has it’s rewards. Yeowwww! This is me whining.

9 responses to “Me and my bad posture

  1. Whine away… ;0) Love the turtle…glad he’s not a snapper! You’ll love Yoga! I miss my class…someday I’ll be able to go back. Have a good one Vicki!

  2. Whine away… ;0) Love the turtle…glad he’s not a snapper! You’ll love Yoga! I miss my class…someday I’ll be able to go back. Have a good one Vicki!

  3. I love the picture.

  4. Besides Bikram, Bonnie blogs ‘bove big, blue balancing ball. Builds beautiful butts and…backaches begone!

  5. Bonnie- I’m all over that- my big blue ball, that is. I use it in pilates and just to stretch out- when I’m not schlumping and blogging.

  6. Rotator cuff? Neck schlump? Geez, Vicki, keep an eye on your colon. Colons are always the next to go….

  7. My mother gave me a big red ball for the balancing thingamajiggy. I don’t know where it is now (maybe I should look into it?)

    I agree with J&J’s Mom whine away! Whining is a healing agent in it’s own right (or so I always say).

  8. MistressMary makes marvelous messages mostly … oh hell I got nothin’.

  9. Oh darn it, I’ll miss you until you get back! I’ve been so out of touch this week!!!

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