A big, hot thank you

Here’s a note and a silly little audioblog for everyone who thought about Bill during Mixmania and Say Hi to Bill Day , and everyone who contributed DVDs and CDs. Edgy Mama had sent me a nice assortment of CDs and then there was the black market Chinese connection of DVDs from Trixie. Just now Brown dropped off a package of great DVDs- mostly very action packed and suspenseful. Just the ticket. These came from sp00kalot – thanks, Amy!- so very much. I know Jim also has a package about to go of CDs for the listening pleasure of Bill and the troops of the 322d Civil Affairs Brigade. You folks are just wonderful.

My package is now, finally ready to go and it includes DVDs, CDs, baby powder, maple sugar candy, lots of hard candy and cinnamon gum. As soon as Ping gets home from China I’ll send off the cotton face masks she’s bringing back (and the house will be cleaner, too.) Around here we just get the disposable paper kind and Bill says they really need cotton washable ones to help with the severe dust problems.

So that’s it- thanks. You’ve helped bring a bit of relief and cheer to a lot of people who are working for you. I’ll resurrect Say Hi to Bill Day in the fairly near future and everyone will get another go at it.

(FG’s other brother was just now on IM and I asked if he had heard from Bill in the past few. He said no. Bill is “outside the wire” this week, out of the safety of the green zone. Jon added that “Bush has no idea what he is asking people to do as he avoided the draft and avoids the common man.” Please hold all of these service men and women in your thoughts and prayers.)

4 responses to “A big, hot thank you

  1. Good job on the Brother Bill front, Vicki. Sorry I had nothing to contribute. I can help pay postage, so send me address by email and I’ll send you check. I’m at mbenditem@msn.com

  2. Vicki, I didn’t get my stuff in the mail to you what with all my gallivanting all over the place. Should I send it to you anyway and you can send it with the next batch?

  3. Cat Stevens? I didn’t know if the soldiers would like my choices…I can send some Lutefisk recipes, though.

  4. Oh happy day! I am so glad you got the box, although it didnt quite reach you on time I see. I still wished I had gotten some crossword puzzles in there. I love crossword puzzles. Not the hard ones though. They just make me mad. Oh well, hopefully they wouldnt have had time to complete them anyway because they were too busy coming home.

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