I love this day

Between today and United Nations Day, in October, I’m only two years older than F.G., not three. It’s only 7AM and he’s already out on the golf course, playing eighteen holes in honor of the day. I don’t get golf but he loves it and when he plays, he walks and carries no matter how high falutin or long the course.Bass When he fishes, he catches and releases, removing each fine barbed fly gently and carefully, talking the fish through the process as he goes.Fg_and_td

In short, FG lives his life with integrity and care. He engages in great acts of charity privately and quietly. He is so optimistic I have to fight for my right to be grumpy and his faith is so strong it’s an inspiration to us all. He also brings, hands down, more energy and life to the table than anybody I know. He wasn’t here for six months before we had a trampoline, a foosball table, a play station dance game, a pedal boat and a kayak.

He grew up as the youngest brother of four born in four years in a household run primarily by his father, a strict Lutheran and Army retired Lt. Colonel. FG is fairly clueless about how women, especially of a certain age, think and feel but he’s more than eager to learn. Is he a quick study? It’s taken him less than a year to stop making jokes about menopause. Best of all he loves people, mostly me, precisely as we are even on those rare occasions when
we’re not all he wishes or wants or expects. Fg2

This past year he’s started making jokes that indicate he’s thinking about being over 50. Because I’m a tad older I have little patience for "middle-age" humor but the other day Hoss put up this helpful place . Darling, check it out and you can find out how long you’ve lived, down to the minute, and how long you’re likely to keep going. Then cheer up because I’ve made another batch of molasses cookies and the girls and I are taking  you out to dinner. We love you so much and wish you a Happy Birthday!

20 responses to “I love this day

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY F.G.!!! What time is the party?? I’ll bring the jello.

  2. A little bird told me that you owe those book club ladies beaucoups mercis for “finding” the love of your life! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Don’t listen to Lu rgarding those molasses cookies, FG!

  3. Happy Birthday F.G.! I hope you have a wonderful one.

  4. Happy,happy birthday FG! It’s clear you have many, many wonderful reasons to celebrate.

    Seems I hit a chord with Ms Bonnie over the whole cookie thing… truly, I was exaggerating, but just a smidgen. ; )

  5. Happy Birthday to you
    You belong in a zoo
    You act like a monkey
    And you look like one too!
    Happy Birthday Rich, from your older (drat) brother Jon

  6. Happy Boitday, Rich. Part of what’s so wonderful for you is that you got a great wife and kids.
    Vickster: Pretty stamps and hats arrived today!! Super! When grandson gets back from Italy will have new picture done and show you. Thanks, you’re a crafty gal.

  7. I love that first picture – FG looks like he LOVES life! Happiest of Birthdays to FG!!! Wonderful post in tribute of this most wonderful of days!

  8. What a sweet post! 🙂

  9. Say Happy Birthday to FG for me and I wish him many, many more. I am 3 months older than my husband, and I am teased unmercifully for those 3 months each year.

  10. Happy Birthday FG and many, many more! Great tribute Vicki ;0) I can see why you love each other so dearly.

  11. Happy Birthday FG and many, many more! Great tribute Vicki ;0) I can see why you love each other so dearly.

  12. Happy Birthday FG!!!! Great pics, too.

  13. Happy Birthday FG!

    Nice to meet you Vicki. Thanks for stopping by today. Your comment made me laugh out loud (the beer)!!

  14. Happy Birthday, and many more, FG.

  15. Hey Bro! Hate to tell you this, but over here in Iraq you are already 11 hours older than you think you are. Anyway, by my watch it’s still the 7th there so this Happy Birthday is still on time.

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!

    And to spOOkalot: you should bring meatballs instead of jello to the party. FG LOVES meatballs. He even has a book of ALL meatball recipes from his wedding…. 🙂

    What sweet pictures, Vicki.

  17. Happy B-day!
    What a wonderfully written post.
    I enjoyed my first visit here!

  18. I can’t think of a better present for FG than sharing this day with YOU.

    I am likewise enthusiastic about an IRL meeting with you and FG… 🙂

  19. Lovely blog. Great read.

  20. Wow… this was really cool. Both what Vicki wrote and the comments that followed. Thanks a whole bass.

    Two thoughts:

    1) It was depressing how far down I had to scroll in Hoss’s thing to get to the year of my birth.
    2) Where are the cookies?

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