Worth a Thousand Words

I’m not in a very chatty mood. So here is a series of pictures, in my next three posts, just to keep you up to date on my life. As though it matters. Well, I mean it does, but not in the greater scheme of things. Anyway:
They were doing just fine outside in their kiddie pool, going down to meet the mailman every day and eating the garden, grubs, plants and all. And then they got bored and lonely. We all do sometimes. One of them- I believe it was Prudence- pried open the door to the sunporch and when I finished an appointment and was walking past the sunporch for a bathroom break, there they were. Watching the hallway. They had been completely quiet until they saw me and then they got all excited and started going, “Mack, Mack, Mack!” Which is what ducks really say, rather than “quack.” This is a crummy picture; they took me by surprise.Ducks

7 responses to “Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Hmmm…a therapist with ducks in her house. Does this inspire your patients with confidence?

  2. MistressMary: Ha Ha Ha Ha…good one. Would the clients think she’s “Quacker’s”? Sorry. I personally think the ducks just wanted to get out of the hot sun and they just love Vicki.

  3. Now see Vicki, I would love to come over and meet your ducks. I wonder if they’re related to my “guard duck”. I seriously have this duck that sits outside of my place and the backyard…and he guards. I have no clue what he’s guarding me from, but someday I’ll find out, I think.

  4. Awww, Vick. I think this is so precious. All of it. This and the birds in the next post and the garden after that. What a lovely life. Yep. Next summer I think there are some wimmins who outta road trip it your direction. Most seriously. heh. Hope yer ready. 🙂

  5. Does Beth at Sothefishsaid.com know about your ducks?

  6. I miss the duckies…mack mack mack… When you gonna get more???

  7. Now that’s funny.

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