Speaking of parthenogenesis…

I wasn’t. Hoss was. But it reminded me. Have I mentioned that I love birds? I watch birds? I have birds? They have me, is more like it. I raise finches. That way, during the winter, I can still hear their lovely songs all day long. I love these happy little avians. They don’t give a rip about me. They just like each other and that’s also very entertaining to watch. Especially for the cats. They like each other so much that even if I separate male from female they seem to reproduce. Anybody want some pretty birds? They’re hard to photograph.Finches


2 responses to “Speaking of parthenogenesis…

  1. I know someone who might love a bird like that. My little sister’s family lost their beloved parakeet. He flew away one day, and they’ve been heartbroken ever since.

  2. What kind Finches? We used to have Zebra finches — 12 of them. Sorry had to give ’em up because they were source of much joy.

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